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2017 December 8-9 Heavy Snow



All data from the Atlanta NWS office

Heavy Snowfall

December 8 - 9, 2017


Event Summary
Snow Accumulation Map
Recorded Snowfall Totals
Event Photos
Event Summary
A major early-season heavy snowfall affected north Georgia from Friday, December 8th into the morning of Saturday, December 9th. Many locations recorded up to a foot of snowfall, which is exceptionally rare for Georgia, especially in early December! This heavy snowfall also led to numerous power outages. At the height of the storm over 200,000 customers in north Georgia were in the dark. There was a sharp northwest to southeast gradient of accumulating snow through metro Atlanta. Areas southeast of Atlanta did not receive much accumulating snow, while areas north and west of the city received very significant totals.

Snow Accumulation Map:


Above: The heaviest snow accumulations occurred in a ribbon stretching from Carroll County into the northwestern Atlanta suburbs and into the north Georgia mountains. Up to a foot of snow accumulated in these areas!


Satellite Image December 9th:


Above: A visible satellite image of north Georgia on the afternoon of Saturday, December 9th shows much of the snow that fell on Friday and early Saturday remained on the ground.
Snowfall Reports Table
For snowfall reports from a specific county, click on the county name of interest below. Counties are sorted alphabetically.
(*Note that only counties from which reports were received are listed below.*)
Brookstone_sub_Acworth%20(Chris%20Dolce) Jasper%20(Dean%20Davis).jpg

Over 10" of snow accumulated in the Brookstone Subdivision in Acworth. (courtesy of Chris Dolce)

Acworth, GA

About 13" of snow was recorded in Jasper. (courtesy of Dean Davis)

Jasper, GA 

Hiram_12_in%20(Brandie%20Freeman).jpg Roswell_Cobb_Line%20(%40d_mez7).jpg

Trees drooped and broke under the weight of a foot of heavy, wet snow in Hiram. (courtesy of Brandie Freeman) 

Hiram, GA

About 8" of snow fell at this location along the Cobb/Fulton County border in Roswell. (courtesy @d_mez7)

Roswell, GA

Carroll_County_Courthouse%20(Carroll%20C Midtown%20(Jeremy%20Mills).jpg

The Carroll County Courthouse is covered in several inches of snow. (courtesy of Carroll County Gov't)

Carrollton, GA

Snow falling in Midtown Atlanta on December 8, 2017. (courtesy of Jeremy Mills)

Atlanta, GA

Inman_Park%20(AtlantaBeltline).jpg Fayette_County%20(Supeshooter).jpg

Several inches of snow accumulated along the Atlanta BeltLine in Inman Park. (courtesy of Atlanta BeltLine)

Atlanta, GA

This aerial view of a Fayette County neighborhood shows a blanket of snow on the morning of December 9th. (courtesy @supeshooter)

Fayette County, GA

UnionCounty2_SaturdayAM.png Powder_Springs%20(Cobb%20EMC).jpg

The Union County Historical Courthouse on the morning of December 9th.

Blairsville, GA

The heavy snow caused extensive damage to power infrastructure. (Courtesy of Cobb EMC)

Powder Springs, GA

Georgia_Tech%20(Zonglin%20Jack%20Li).jpg Berry_College.jpg

This aerial view of Georgia Tech and Midtown Atlanta shows the abundant snow cover. (Courtesy of Zonglin Jack Li)

Atlanta, GA

Berry College was picturesque in the snow. (Courtesy of Berry College)

Rome, GA




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