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  2. Insane storm! Some of the numbers and footage coming out is almost unbelievable.
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  4. Wow. Watch the wind gusting toward the end. This is the Newfoundland storm
  5. Yea, I wasn't holding out any hope of it being anything.
  6. Will keep you updated from Sky Valley, the short term/high res models look moisture starved in this area though.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Maybe a tiny chance of some freezing rain tomorrow, but I doubt anyone will see it. If it happens at all, it would mainly be along the ridgetops. Nothing to see here...
  9. H ere's the GEFS and EPS 500 mb anomalies. 4
  10. The ensembles don't show a SE ridge. That's not to say we won't see warmups, but we always see warm ups between cold spells. We'll see.
  11. You think the ridge will rebuild
  12. No, winter is not over. Just snow weenies jumping off the cliff. 😜🀣
  13. Man has winter ended and I didn’t know it? A lot of negativity out there on these other weather sites
  14. Agreed. I've been lucky enough to have snow the past 2 winters but when it all comes in December it's hardly satisfying. I haven't had any measurable snow this year though, which if it ends that way would be in incredibly rare territory. I don't have the records to back this up, but it legitimately may have never happened. Greenville Spartanburg only has 1 winter since the late 1800s with absolutely no measurable snow and that was 2012 when I know I had snow here. In my lifetime I've never seen a complete shutout. That's the main reason that I'll be happy with a slightly below normal February and hope that climo comes through.
  15. Unfortunately, My concerns were real and are proving to be a reality. I would have been much rather have been proven to be worrysome worrywart whiner... :-) THE GOOD THING ABOUT IT IS------ All that needs to happen is a turn about on the models AND I WILL FALL FOR THE NONSENSE AGAIN... haha. It is so funny, really about the wishing for snow part. At the age of 60 ( will be March 22) I have had 1-- count it--- 1 white Christmas. 2010. Even living in Ohio, i did not have one. Had a white Thanksgiving while there, but it warmed up and melted it all away and soon was back again about two days afterward.... so........It is a sad but awfully FUNNY CYCLE Just call me Bob and the weather Kevin
  16. At this point let’s just hope for enough chill to slow Spring Vegetation down and hopefully enough chill hours for Peach and blueberry farmers and other agricultural interests! What is another year without snow?
  17. Ah. the GFS giveth, and the GFS taketh away. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  18. This pattern always had its warts when it came to snow production. Mainly the fast flow exit off the Atlantic, and then to make it worse the trough is going to setup too far east. We will get our cold, and thankfully kiss the death ridge goodbye, but snow chances for now look bleak.
  19. Nope or the 28th like was shown on the GFS a couple of days ago. Sadly, this great pattern change,did happen, but it looks to be about a week of below normal, with no moisture, then we are back to normal/above normal temps and rain. I would say the positive vibes from last week , about a prolonged change to below normal and stormy, are looking bleak at the moment. A lot of long range weeklies look great for February, but they are usually wrong when they show cold!
  20. Meanwhile, Facebook reminds me of 2 years ago...
  21. A few nice sunrise images from the Smokies this morning.
  22. No snow chance for the 24/25th timeframe?
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