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  2. Tornado watch issued and like I mentioned yesterday the threat has really moved northward. And looking at the the STP vs yesterday’s it has ramped up , especially for central. I still think we get the gusty winds but storms will be few in Metter
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  4. Yes, drive through rain. πŸ™‚
  5. Looks like the main passage of showers and storms is moving rather quickly this morning. Should be gone quick!
  6. Final March pollen count. Today we are much lower than the past few days. This March is the 2nd worst (2012 had higher total count) and had the 2nd highest daily reading. #gawx #pollen atlantaallergy.com @atlantaallergy
  7. STP parameter is maximized around 4 PM for central and south Georgia.
  8. STP parameters are maximized as you get close to the center of the low. A Tornado Warning is in effect in that area right now.
  9. You can easily see the position of the surface low by the surface winds.
  10. Good morning! A cool wet day in store for today as an area of low pressure moves west to east across the southeast. Severe weather is possible but the majority of what may occur will remain to our south, and you can see the SPC outlook areas on this map. NWS Atlanta's thoughts And the Storm Prediction Center As you can see from the SPC maps, the primary severe threats will remain over south and central Georgia today. Sp maybe we can get some rain in here and wash away the pollen. It may not be a lot of rain, but the rain combined with cooler temperatures will work to drop the count both today and tomorrow. This is the rainfall through 8 AM Wednesday. As mentioned, today will be cooler than the past three days and most of north Georgia won't get out of the 50's, while behind the warm front in south Georgia temperatures rise into the 80's. I'll have the pollen count around 8:30 - 9:00 AM today and we'll see how that is going, but otherwise, let's get through today! Again... I'll have updates as necessary! Have a great day! I couldn't decide on a Tuesday song, so I'll share two, both old and both great.
  11. No cool down. Models have flipped. What a year And what an end to March
  12. Yesterday
  13. I am now in the slight risk as it all has been shifted northward. Atlanta area is not far off
  14. I like watching loops at faster speeds, it helps to visualize the movement better. When I look at loops on my southeast satellite page, I hit the Speed+ button about 8-9 times. http://www.daculaweather.com/4_sat_se_us.php
  15. I could watch that all day long lol
  16. Exactly. πŸ™‚ And since that loop is looking at the moisture content in the atmosphere, it really is like an ocean.
  17. That is so cool... like an ocean of air. FASCINATING
  18. I was a little off on my count today but it is lower. πŸ™‚ I got part of it right. We are over the hump. Now if we can get over the hump with the virus, we'll be doing great!
  19. Good morning! When the weather gets like this, I feel like I'm talking to myself here. Once winter is over, no one really cares too much about the weather until it messes with their outdoor plans. I get it. I suppose it's nice that we can go on about our lives without worrying too much about weather. We don't have much severe weather here, so that is one less thing to worry about, we are pretty far from the coast, so tropical systems are generally not much of a threat, we don't get blizzards or heavy snow that cripples that state (I know, all it takes to cripple us is one inch). Yes, we can get hot but we can also get cold (or we use to), and we can have flooding rains but we also have droughts. I'd say we're pretty blessed to have the weather we have. So if there is nothing to talk about, that's ok, that's the majority of our weather here anyway. And that is the case this morning. It looks like the southern Tennessee border is the wall holding the colder air to the north where they are in the 40's this morning while we bask in the upper 50's to 60's over Georgia. We're going to warm back up to the 70's today under party sunny skies, but we have a chance of rain returning for tomorrow. Here's the rainfall amounts through 8 AM Wednesday. There is a very brief window for severe weather Tuesday, but the worst of it will remain over south Georgia. We'll find out this morning if the pollen count has peaked or not. In looking at the data in my spreadsheet, we have never had 3 days in a row of really high readings, after two it begins to drop. So I think we'll drop back to the 4000-5000 range today, and then taper back down from there. The rain and cooler temperatures will also help to bring the count back to a breathable level. The colors in this spreadsheet easily show when the peak of the pollen season occurs here in Georgia. The leftmost column are the record peaks on that date, the middle column is the average count, the third column is the sum of all the years for that date, and the records go back to 1992. This year, our peak will be earlier than normal. That's about it. Nothing more to say. Hope everyone has a Blue Sky day! πŸ™‚
  20. Last week
  21. Good morning! We'll jump right in this morning. There is a line of severe weather approaching the state and should be entering the NW corner within the hour. Expect to see heavy rain, high winds, and hail with some of these storms. There is a Tornado Watch (actually 2) associated with this line of storms. A new watch is not anticipated right now but that doesn't preclude the chance for severe weather over north Georgia. Temperatures will be warm today and tomorrow, but a big cool down is coming. This is going to be a typical forecast for the week, your temps will vary some. I'll be keeping you updated this morning, so check back!
  22. Everything stopping is great for the environment, but changes to the climate which are long term, will not be seen because of it. There have been positive changes in terms of air pollution in many areas which is always good. I can't believe how disappointing the last several winters have been. I'm a snow lover so I'm never happy when we have a bad winter here in Georgia. πŸ™‚ I would be happy with about 50-70" of snow a season. Maine is where I need to live. πŸ˜‰
  23. Same here, I've been inside almost all day. I'd really like to get out in the sun a little bit!
  24. Beautiful day but pollen is putting a halt to my outside time. ☹️
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