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  2. Good morning! Another beautiful day is in store for today and another one after that, and after that and.... well, you get it. πŸ™‚ As you can see from this infrared satellite image, the southeast is relatively clear this morning as we're caught in the NW flow around an upper level low to the north and a ridge over the central part of the country. Further south over central America and Mexico is the CAG or Central American Gyre that may spawn a tropical system for the Gulf of Mexico. If you are inquisitive and want to learn more, I have several links from Philippe Papin (Philippe is from our part of the world here in the southeast) as he is the "expert" on these systems. A Climatology of Central American Gyres Philippe's Final Thesis This mornings Euro ensemble run has a lot of members that indicate a potential hurricane (red lines) and the number of members showing this have been going up daily. It's too early to tell what if any effect this will have on our weather right now, but it's the only real piece of weather to talk about. 😊 So for us right now, it looks pretty much like this. Until our tropical system decides to make a move, that's about it. Have a GREAT Sunday! πŸ™‚
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  4. Red ensemble members indicate a potential hurricane.
  5. Good morning! Not much to talk about for the next 5-6 days. Sunny skies and warm temperatures will be the norm and we're off to a great one already! I'm sitting here being blinded by the sun as I type so that is what I'm blaming all my typing and grammar mistakes on. πŸ˜‰ This mornings map shows water vapor and you can see that the moisture has pushed south of us taking the rain and clouds with it. Still following the potential tropical system in the Gulf. These are Euro ensemble probability maps. These first two maps cover the same period which is the next 48-96 hours ending Tuesday 8 PM. The first map shows the probability for a tropical depression and the second map shows the probability for a tropical storm. What has started to show up today are very low chances for a hurricane. I found this today and thought it was interesting. I hope everyone has a great Saturday, enjoy the next 5 to 6 sunny days! Oh... and don't forget that meteorological summer starts Monday! πŸ™‚
  6. One more rain shower and we should be about done for the day. (EDIT: "Done" not down" πŸ™‚ )
  7. Depends. A high in the middle of the country might steer it toward the west. It also would depend on the shape of the high (tall, wide, etc). Too early to speculate right now.
  8. I'll have a good time lapse today that will show the division. Based on what I've seen so far, it is the increase in elevation that triggers the clouds for me, as places to the east and south where it is lower are sunnier. This morning that line has pushed to my north (~8:30 am) and I'm pretty sunny now even if it is still foggy and hazy.
  9. If a Ridge sets up in the Mid west then anything that is tropical in the Gulf will be guided towards Texas /Mexico?
  10. In all my years working in and around Jasper and Bent Tree and Big Canoe if it was going to rain it would be there if it was going to be overcast it would be there, was so odd to me that 20 min north it was fine and 20 min south it was fine, always wondered why that was, obviously it’s location has everything to do with that but maybe the rise there or something it will be interesting what you make of it living there.
  11. Good Friday morning! We made it another week! The first half of yesterday was pretty nasty but the last half turned out great. There were a few thunderstorms around during the late afternoon/early evening hours and that will be the case for today as well. But after this evening, north Georgia should start to clear out and pretty much stay that way through at least Thursday of next week. There will be a gradual warming trend through the end of next week, and some parts of the metro Atlanta area may climb into the 90's before all is said and done. We are starting out warm this morning across the southeast and some areas around the metro Atlanta area haven't dropped out of the 70's yet. Warm mornings generally mean warm days and today will be no exception, these are the forecast highs. But if you think these are hot, look at what it may be next Friday. Ahhhh.... the joys of summer. 😜 Oh... and here is another one. No rain. What you see on this 7 days rainfall forecast map all occurs before 8 AM tomorrow, otherwise, dry as a bone. I'm still keeping an eye on the Gulf of Mexico for a potential tropical system next week. We'll see how this progresses and where it may want to go. This loop shows the probabilities of a tropical depression. gulf trouble.mp4 So right now we will have your general run of the mill summertime weather with nothing exciting going on. I suppose that's always a good thing but it leaves me with nothing to talk about. πŸ™‚ This was pretty much the view that we had for most of the day yesterday, hopefully today will be nicer. 😎 I hope everyone has a great Friday and an awesome start to the weekend, get out and enjoy the great weather! 🌞
  12. I have been watching the GFS for the last week or so. In the long range it has been fairly consistent in something tropical in nature. A couple of runs nothing, but it has been all over the gulf and timing has been all over the place. I can’t get the Euro on tropical tidbits past 240hours.
  13. Cleared out nicely this afternoon. 5:56 pm image.
  14. I'll try to win the lottery (only way I could afford to live in Big Canoe which if I recall is a gated community) and move next door so I can have the latest weather info!
  15. Glad to see you back Steve, your new home is near me, maybe I can visit after the virus is done, lol. But seriously, hope you enjoy your new place.
  16. Still very far out, but we need to keep our eyes on the Gulf. 288 hours
  17. Lots of clouds around today, the fog etc should burn off as the morning goes on.
  18. Day 10-11 on the Euro ensembles has some members bringing a hurricane to the Gulf of Mexico. Worth watching.
  19. Thank you, it's nice to be back... πŸ™‚
  20. Morning.. glad to have you back
  21. Good morning! Well.... yesterday turned out to be a pretty miserable day and today won't be much better! The tropical depression has weakened and our flow had turned from the east to the south for today and that means a continued warm moist flow over our area. As was mentioned in the discussion, temperatures today will rise into the 80's for many people, with the exceptions being in the higher elevations of the mountains where those folks will see upper 70's. Now that I'm in the mountains (or close enough), I've had a chance to better observe how the elevation helps to dictate what the weather is going to do here. We face east and yesterday we had clouds that looked like this. The low clouds started forming about 8-10 miles out and that line stayed in roughly the same place all day long even though the clouds were moving toward us from that same direction. At one point they pushed right up to the house but then retreated. But you can see how it's much lighter beyond that line. Those clouds start forming as the air was lifted and cooled as it flowed up and over the higher elevations. In this image you can roughly see where those higher elevations are, I'm the white dot. In this case, you can see how the temperatures are affected by the elevation as well. Once the rain leaves us on Friday, some very nice weather will replace it and we'll be looking at lower dewpoints to go along with the relatively cool temperatures. Here are the expected high temperatures for the next 7 days. temps week june.mp4 That's about it for now! I'll keep an eye on the weather today in case there is anything you need to be aware of, but I don't think we'll see much more than some thunderstorms later this afternoon. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!
  22. Nice to be back, we're still really busy at the moment but hopefully in a week or so we can slow down.
  23. Yes it is Ricky it’s inland now.. welcome back SB
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