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  2. Looking forward to tomorrow mornings update! See ya then!
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  4. I was pretty surprised at the models today. Now I see the TV stations have jumped all over it. 🙂 Must be a trend. 🙂
  5. I will admit to not having paid much attention to this, is it trending in any way right now? I wrote it off early thinking the trough would be centered too far east to allow much moisture at all into the system. Thought we'd be lucky to squeeze out a tenth of an inch liquid with Saturday.
  6. Here is a look at the GFs and Euro 500 mb vorticity. You'll see two systems in both loops, one for Thursday and one for Saturday, right now the one for Saturday appears to be the better chance of the two.
  7. Don't be mad, but I'm going to try to pray this away. My college student has no experience driving in snow and that's when he'll be on the road. (Murphy's law as it pertains to weather says that this will now be a blizzard.)ðŸĪŠ
  8. Hope we get a good 4 inches of snow!!!
  9. This is probably the best look from the models I've think I've seen this winter. Again, we're still several days away before we know for sure, but it will be fun to watch regardless.
  10. Oh hey GFS, way to join the party.... not getting excited.. YET... 😝
  11. I've got to say... I'm starting to get a little fired up about the snow potential for Saturday. The models are bringing more snow and to places further south, they definitely have my interest now. Let's see how the models do over the next 24 hours. NOT A FORECAST And the ensembles
  12. Here's what it looked like from the 44th floor of the Peachtree Towers today. There were times when you couldn't see much of anything at all. This Westin Peachtree Plaza is to the left (can't see it in this view) of this building and straight down below is Hard Rock Cafe. 20200224_111208.mp4
  13. Yes, that is the time I''m looking at, and the snow in the images above pretty much all falls then.
  14. Little Monday Morning Surprise for Boone Area https://www.sevendevils.net/ Cick on the webcam
  15. Channel 2 mentioned possible snow on Saturday. Thoughts?
  16. Their data is based on the RPM model that many TV stations use. The RPM is derived from the WRF-ARW model. This is the output of the WRF and you can see it is lower than the RPM output.
  17. I don't understand how they come up with this map. Be sure to follow credible sources. LOL! This is the "official" forecast through 7 am tomorrow. This is the WPC forecast (also official) through 7 AM
  18. I'm not sure where they come up with this nonsense. Make sure you follow reliable sources. LOL! This is the "official" through 7 AM Tuesday. This is the WPC forecast through the same time period.
  19. The environmental lapse rate is 3.56 degrees/1000, the dry adiabatic lapse rate is 5.4 degrees/1000, and the saturated adiabatic lapse rate is 2.7 degrees/1000. Aviators use approximately 3 degrees per 1000. All units are in Fahrenheit and feet. The key here is which lapse rate is best for your purposes, and I don't have that answer. Just a quick tip to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit for temps above freezing: Double and add 30. Example: 15*2+30=60. Fifteen Celsius is 59 Fahrenheit-only one degree off.
  20. Yes, elevation does matter. You figure anywhere from 3.5-5 degrees per 1000 feet, and you can see that those systems where temps are borderline for some down lower are just fine for you. If I could have found a house at 4000 feet or higher I would have. 🙂 Several years ago I was looking at the highest buildable piece of property east of the Rockies. It was in NC and the Blue Ridge Parkway was down below it. The elevation was a little over 6000 feet and it was 8 acres. And it only cost a little over $300k. I'm sure that the cost to build a house there had to be crazy though.
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