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Thursday, September 12

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Good Thursday morning!

Not much change in the weather for today and tomorrow, but changes are coming.


Medium-range models remain fairly consistent and in relatively good
agreement concerning the larger-scale features through the extended
forecast period. Still some variance with respect to the smaller-
scale details, generally with respect to the wave moving across
Florida and the northern Gulf of Mexico. GFS/ECMWF/Canadian models
all taking the wave northwest toward the central gulf coast, but
noticeable differences with the depth of the low and how far west it
gets before turning north. The ultimate solution will play a
significant part in the impacts over the forecast area, but any of
the potential solutions would still bring increasing precipitation
chances and lower maximum temperatures by the end of the weekend and
into the first half of next week.



Big developments in the overnight model runs for the wave in the Caribbean, and it is not good for the folks along the southeast coastline.


So while we watch the wave that is closest to the US mainland to see if it wants to try to be a hurricane, there is another disturbance just leaving the coast of Africa that I believe holds more potential.

Say hello to wave #2



The concern is that the wave can slip under the strong area of high pressure over the southeast, and that is what some of the models are showing. 

We'll just have to wait and see. As you saw with Dorian, tropical systems seem to possess a mind of their own and can be tricky to forecast. But get ready.... it looks like we may have several to keep track of.

Hang in there, we will see fall. 🙂

Have a great Thursday!


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