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Good morning!

Finally coming home for a couple of weeks, I will be leaving here around 8 am this morning. Don't you just love 8 hour drives? 😏

It's 56 degrees right now (6:34 am) at my house, and I haven't had a low in the 50's since June 15.




Seasonal temperatures have taken hold through the forecast area
after the passage of yesterday`s wedge front. Through the short term
forecast period, ridging aloft will center over the region with
surface high pressure situated east of the southern Appalachians.
Subsidence and dry air will limit precip and cloud cover over the
area with clear to mostly clear skies, and light easterly winds with
occasional breezy gusts in the afternoons. High temperatures in the
low- to mid-80s will be around the seasonal norm, but tomorrow`s
temps will begin to increase over the next several days.


Meh... fun while it lasted. 🙂 Fall is coming. Maybe is December, but it's coming. 🙂


O sweet September rain!
I hear it fall upon the garden beds,
Freshening the blossoms which begin to wane.

–Mortimer Collins, English poet (1827–76)

Old Mort apparently didn't live Georgia.  About 22% of the state is in a moderate drought condition, and a small area to the SW of Atlanta is experiencing a severe drought.  current_ga_trd.thumb.jpg.81031f562f20e001d4d0f1c91f7f681c.jpg


This is the amount of rain that needs to fall to erase these dry conditions. Think tropical.



So... as you well know, fall is generally a pretty dry time here unless we see some effects from the tropics. My major concern right now are wildfires. 

Otherwise, not much to talk about except for a gazillion disturbances in the tropics. None will change our weather here, and none are a current threat to the US except for Imelda which moved in over TX.

Anyway... gotta get packed. See you back in Georgia!

Have a great day!


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