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Monday, September 23 - Start of Fall

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Good morning!!!

Brrrrr.... feels like fall this morning. 😛 Yea yea... I know, I'm just dreaming. Instead of feeling like fall, it's going to feel like it did about 6 or 7 days ago.  Summer. 

There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon though. Both the Euro and GFS ensembles are showing a nice cool down starting around the 4th of October. Over time, both models show the stronger Bermuda high that has generated all the heat, retrograding west to a location over the SW US, and let's hope and pray that is where it stays all winter. 

Here is what the GEFS is showing for Lawrenceville, Blairsville, and Dalton as examples.



So far, my September here at my house has been warmer than June in almost every category except avg low temp. 



But the atmosphere is changing and moving toward the eventual winter state. Sometimes the changes are slow to occur, sometimes they just flip, and that may be the way it happens this year. 

One of these days we'll really have something to talk about... I promise. 🙂 So I leave you with a parting summer poem. Hope everyone has a great day!


The sun's away, 
And the bird estranged;
The wind has dropped,
And the sky's deranged;
Summer has stopped.
–Robert Browning (1812–89)



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