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Sunday, October 27

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Good Sunday morning to everyone!

Did you get some rain yesterday? I know it wasn't a lot for some people but we'll take what we can get. 

The cold front is pushing through the state now so today should be a great day to get outside. If you don't enjoy it today, it may be next weekend before you can do that again. You can see those drier dewpoints on this mornings map.



Main concerns in the long term period are timing and amounts of
rainfall, likely heavy, Mon night thru Thurs night and chances for
strong/svr storms on Thurs.

Dry period on Monday will be short lived as front lifts north Mon
night and Tuesday. Rainfall amounts become fairly heavy especially
over north GA on Wed/Thurs and large/broad upper trough over the
middle CONUS pushes strong westerlies and baroclinic zone south into
the southeast states. Storm total amounts over 48 hours Wed/Thurs
could be over 4 inches over north GA
with lesser amounts but still
over an inch further south in middle GA.

As low level moisture returns, will also see small increase in
instability. MLCAPE progged to remain at or below 250 J/kg until
Thurs/Thurs night when broad short wave and front finally pushes
thru from the west (similar to what we saw overnight this morning).
MLCAPE reaching 1500+ J/kg 18Z Thurs - 03Z Fri, but 0-1 km bulk
shear values less than 25kts where best MLCAPE progged. Will need to
monitor strong/severe potential next few days as many outdoor events
planned during this time.

Much cooler/drier conditions expected after frontal passage rest of
the week and next weekend. Min temps Fri and Sat nights will be the
coolest we've seen so far this fall. Could approach frost/freeze
values in far north GA if trends continue.



Rainfall amounts look like this from the WPC



I'll have more about this upcoming week later today. We are going through all of my parents possessions and gathering up the personal and sentimental items that we would like. The execution of my father's will has begun. I will be here in Sarasota this week handling all the details, meeting with his money management team at the bank as well as his attorney, and deciding what we want to keep and what we will donate/sell. In going through his records/documents/pictures/etc yesterday, we discovered so many cool things that just blew our minds. I even discovered that my grandmother on my mom's side had 16 kids, not the 14 we originally thought. Even in my dad's last hours, he was telling the nurse "I'm the boss". No doubt he was. 🙂

So get out and enjoy this day. Our days are numbered and we don't know how many we might have left. Leave no regrets. Carefully speak your words, because you never know when those may be the last words you say to someone because there might not be any way to make it right later.  Words can be forgiven but you can't take them back once they leave your lips. 

I hope you have a great day. 🙂 



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