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Thursday, March 26

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Good morning! 🙂 Yes, running late today. My wife and I woke up about 2:30 AM last night and we stayed up for an hour before going back to bed. Does anyone else wake up in the middle of the night and get up for a while? 🙂 

It's a little cloudy here at the homestead this morning, but not everyone is waking up to clouds. Here's the morning satellite image. 



We are starting off above normal for temperatures today, and a tiny bit of wedge will help to keep the temperatures cooler over those areas that are normally influenced by the wedge. That will be changing as the day goes on and the winds shift to a more southerly flow and most people will hit the low 70's today. 

The next several days will bring us close to record high temperatures for the period. The next four images (Thursday through Sunday) show the expected highs and the circles are those highs that are in jeopardy, and you can see Friday will be the warmest of the bunch.







Looking ahead, the discussion from the Birmingham NWS office is not what we like to hear at this time of the year. 


There is quite a difference between models regarding the evolution of this system due to a split jet stream, but the trend of ECMWF/UKMET has become quite concerning from a severe weather standpoint. These models, along with the ECMWF ensemble, favor strong pressure falls over the Lower/Mid Mississippi Valley on Tuesday as a warm front and 70 degree dewpoints advance inland across southern MS/AL. If these trends continue, a tornado threat, perhaps significant, will need to be added to our HWO. 


I promised some rainfall totals, and here they are. This is for the last three days ending 8 AM yesterday.


And two weather events on this date.


That's about it for now... three VERY nice days in store, so please try to get out and take advantage of them. 

Ok... we're going to pick up the pace with the music today. This is going to require some toe tapping and moving around. 🙂 Get up!! We need to make every day better than the last! 🙂 I give you Zac Brown Band and Make This Day
Have a great day!






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