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Good morning!

I'll keep this short and sweet today. We're heading up to Big Canoe this morning to go see the house, take some more measurements, and take some more pictures. I have to get all the utilities (and including my internet!) scheduled today, as well as get our Big Canoe PO Box setup and get transponders for the cars. Technically tomorrow is the closing but the money is being wired today and we don't have to be at the closing. So tomorrow we start moving what we can move in two Cadillac's, and hopefully we'll have the movers on Wednesday. Not only do we have current house to move, we also have a 10x10 and a 10x20 storage room to move as well. They said it would take three trucks. 😲 We have to be back at this house on Thursday to move stuff out of the attic that we are selling and we'll have a sale on Friday and Saturday. BUSY week and lots of back and forth, but I'm not complaining. 

The weather is wonderful this week and luckily I have nothing to report. 🙂 So that's GOOD NEWS! 🙂 This is generally what you will see through Saturday, so an absolutely BEAUTIFUL week ahead of us!



So that's it for today!

I'll leave you with this video because this is the way we're feeling today! And after watching it I decided I liked the song so much, I bought the rights to use it royalty free.  🙂 The artist is Zac Nelson.
Have a GREAT Monday!






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