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Good morning!

A few very light showers are passing across north Georgia this morning, but they won't amount to very much and the day should be up being great. 




Increasing mid to high clouds over the area today as frontal boundary moves east across TN. The high pressure ridge over the state should keep that frontal boundary north of the area through the short term. The increased deep layer moisture across TN may creep a bit into extreme north GA so keeping a slight chance of precip across that area this afternoon. There will be very little instability so also staying with just showers.

Temperatures begin to rebound today with highs expected in the 60's and 70's across N GA to Near 80 across central GA. Temps will fall into 50's tonight then get up into the 70's and 80's Wednesday.

The long term kicks off with increasing temperatures as a high pressure slides through the Tennessee river valley and sets up off the Atlantic coast. By Thursday, the flow will have shifted to be more southerly pushing temps back into the 80's. From there the ridge continues to build increasing temps into the 90's by the end of weekend.

Despite the return in heat and humidity, the ridge keeps us mostly dry for the rest of the forecast period. There's a small chance for some precip this weekend in northern Georgia; come Monday a front drags south bringing more widespread chances of thunderstorms throughout the state.

A potential tropical or subtropical system should develop in the Gulf over the weekend. The evolution and trajectory of this system and how it interacts with the upper-levels could have an impact on our precip chances, so expect changes moving forward as guidance continues to hone in on the expected path. As for any potential impacts, the newest Canadian model run comes in line with the rest of the models in keeping the system off the coast. We'll continue to monitor any changes in the forecast track.

Your forecast will look very similar to this one for me in Gwinnett

Or this one for me in Big Canoe. I'm sure you can spot the differences. 🙂 

I've been seeing about a 5-6 degree difference between here and there, so elevation does make a difference. Here in Gwinnett I'm at 1030 feet and in Big Canoe I'm at 2000 feet.

As far as the Gulf system goes, not seeing much in the way of probabilities right now, and not many spaghettios either. I'll keep an eye on it.




Today I will be shutting down my two weather computers. So no more automated messages, no weather data from my station,  and no webcam images until I can get things working again. That means today will be the last day for weather data here in Dacula. I started collection data for this location back in 2008, and today will mark the end of that era. Hopefully in a few days things will settle down a little bit so I can get everything started back up. I took a webcam up there yesterday and placed it on the deck railing, and right now it is doing a continuous record and a snapshot every minute, so when we go back up (probably tomorrow) I'll see if I can show you some pictures. We still need to order the new webcams that we'll be using and then arrange to get those installed after we get up there. Today we're doing the final packing in anticipation of the movers being here at 9 AM tomorrow, so I probably will not be able to make a post Wednesday and maybe Thursday, depending on when they get the internet working for us. 
Here's a picture I took yesterday. The last time we were up there was November and everything was brown. Not now. 🙂 



I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!




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Steve, what a beautiful view! I can’t wait for your pictures, especially of winter weather 😉. Happy moving.

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Congratulations on moving Steve!   Goodbye to Dacula hello to Big Canoe!

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