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Good morning!

How many of you had some surprise rain yesterday? It was just a few showers that managed to pop up late in the day but they made for some great pictures and videos from my house. Take a look at this one. 🙂 I have more at this link:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/yGMHUSp3BVpYnz646 What the camera doesn't show well in these pictures is the rainbow that we watched for at least 30 minutes. 



We're starting off nice and dry as we're stuck in between several areas of high moisture. Notice the little circle of no moisture above Chicago, that is an upper level low and that area will be traveling south to enjoy our part of the country.



This is a look at the 500 mb vorticity loop and it shows you the low dropping south and settling over the area. 



Here's a look at the 500 mb anomalies and you can see the low drop south and park itself on top of the southeast. This is a little unusual for this time of the year and it will bring us unusual weather along with it.



Low to no chance for rain today but those chances increase just slightly beginning on Sunday, and those 20-30% chances will last for around the next 6-7 days it looks like. That upper level low will park itself over the southeast and bring us some very unseasonable weather for us to enjoy. 🙂


The primary focus through the long term will be a cutoff closed low that will linger over the southern Appalachians and Carolina's through much of the coming week. This low will initially drop southward into the southern Appalachians at the onset of the forecast period Sunday night into Monday with diurnally enhanced PoP's highest across the eastern half of the area. After this point, the low will remain nearly stationary, meandering only slightly through at least Thursday. Given the proximity of the upper low, at least chance PoP's will persist through the week with coverage remaining highest across eastern portions of the state.

One positive aspect of the persistent upper low, increased clouds, and intermittent surface CAD will be persistent below average temperatures through most of the week. High temperatures may at times run ten or more degrees below June normal's. Lows will remain rather pleasant, ranging largely from the upper 50's to lower 60's.

You can't beat that for the middle of June! 

That's pretty much it for the weather. If you are interested, I have created a new YouTube playlist of the daily time lapse videos and you can view those at this link:


This is yesterday's video. Watch around 6 pm and on at the rain and clouds. It's a shame the camera doesn't do it justice, but the new camera will come a WHOLE lot closer in doing so. 


I hope everyone has a great Saturday!




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