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How to Turn on Notifications

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If you are signed up, you now have access to notifications, and I want to explain how that works. I am showing you how it's down on a computer, but a phone is very similar except that the "Follow" button is at the bottom of the topics. I will point out the difference as we go.

By default, you are not notified about anything as it should be. The point is to allow you to pick and choose those items that you want to be notified about. 

I'll use the Weather Discussions forum as an example. 

Once I'm in that forum, at the top of the page (again top computer/bottom for phone) will be a button that says "Follow"



If you click on that, you will be following (and therefore getting notified) when there are any changes in any topic in the list, which you may or may not want to do. However, there are 4 options for getting notifications.  



The default is to send you an email when a new content is posted. If you click "Follow", you will now be following everything in this forum.

Let's say out of that list of topics in that forum, I only want to follow the 2018-2019 Winter Discussion. Click on the topic and when it loads, at the top of the topic (or bottom for phone) you will see the same "Follow" button, and clicking on it will give you the same options as above. 

If you follow an entire forum, you may get a lot of email, depending on how is being posted, so for some people it is generally better to follow a specific topic. 

All of this give you the flexibility to be notified for just those things you are interested in. Once you do this a time or two, you won't even think twice. 

Let me know if this helps explain the process a little better, OR... let me know if you have a question. ?


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