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Good Monday morning!

The calm after the storm. 🙂 Are you a little tired of the rain? If so, you're in luck! 

It looks like the next 7 days are going to be beautiful with sunny to mostly sunny skies. We've going to start off a little cool this week, with highs in the 70's (some 60's in the mountains!), but as the week progresses, our temps will be on a quick rise to the mid to upper 80's.  Take a look at the National Blend of Models temperature forecast for Lawrenceville to see what I mean.



That's pretty hot for this time of the year. These are our normal highs, forecast high, and forecast high temp anomaly for next Sunday

Normal High, May 19


Forecast High Sunday, May 19


High Temp Anomaly Sunday, May 19



Let's hope that trend doesn't carry over into summer. 

And speaking of something we don't want to see this summer... the absence of rain. Here's the 7 day WPC rainfall forecast, and for the most part, we're under the rain shield (ok... high pressure but whatever...). Hence the very warm temps (sinking air) and no rain. I'd really like to see rain at least every 5 days (>0.50"), if not more often during the summer (think afternoon and evening thundershowers) to keep everything green and healthy and to help negate the potential for wildfires. Plus, areas that are dry tend to reinforce the dryness, so it's sometimes tough to break out of that type of pattern. 



The eastern high/western trough does provide a setup that is conducive for severe weather outbreaks... but fortunately not here. 


So for us, tranquil weather for at least 7 days, with sunny skies, and cool to warm to hot temperatures as the week goes on.

Summer comes early to Georgia... better go ahead and start getting use to it. 😉🌞


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