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    I didn't want to start alerting people too early, but it appears that there is decent agreement on the potential for a widespread severe weather outbreak early next week. Here's a look at the AFD from the Birmingham NWS office, and they have a serious concern for their area right now. I will be posting more on this today as more data comes in, but you need to be aware. This would be late Monday night into Tuesday for us. Stay tuned. ALSO... at the top of this post is the "Follow" button (or at the bottom on a mobile device. Please follow.
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    Who wants to talk about winter? ? Or maybe I should re-phrase the question and ask who DOESN'T want to talk about winter? This will be the topic that we will use to do that, at least through the middle of November. Here's a look at the potential dew point anomalies for the upcoming winter. More moist is good but comes with a caveat... we need cold around to take advantage of the additional moisture. Here in the southeast, we walk a fine line between top much cold and not enough moisture, or too much moisture and not enough cold. And that is the reason that the placement of low pressure areas is critical in getting snow over the southeast.
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    I think it's going to be a great winter... but I'm always optimistic! ❄️
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    NOT A FORECAST I going to be watching the period around the 14th-16th for a few flakes of snow. The GFS and the Euro have been going back and forth about the potential for some winter weather over the southern Appalachian mountains, and that possibility exist for the higher elevations of the north Georgia mountains. This map is for Blairsville and is from the GEFS (GFS ensembles) and indicates a very small chance for a little light snow during that time period. Nothing to get excited about right now, but it is something to watch.
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    Added another forecast or two! They will start coming in quickly now
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    Let’s talk about winter! I want lots and lots of snow! Hahaha especially in the Commerce Area ?
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    Another addition made today. Between now and the end of the month, there will be a bunch of forecast getting published.
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    NOT A FORECAST (specifically the maps) And just one more thing from the Atlanta NWS
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    NOT A FORECAST... Both the Euro and GFS operational models are getting antsy about some snow flakes next week. ? Way to early to know anything, but it's nice eye candy for now! As you know, it we were really concerned, we'd be watching the ensembles for guidance, but right now we're just watching for entertainment. ?
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    This is so beautiful I had to make it it's own post. I've been sitting here watching in 4K on my laptop and it's stunning.
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    Another forecast added... I'm liking most of this and the new one is good!
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    This can happen in November! The fall severe threat is real!
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    This can only be a good thing! Get it out of the way early! Usually in winter, when we are watching it snow in England and areas over there, we are very tranquil, to warm. So let them get the cold and snow early, and we get that pattern in the SE, during the heart of winter
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    Thanks for keeping this updated. There is a very distinct trend appearing.
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    That's it, I love to watch a heavy snowfall, there are few things that are as beautiful as that. Here I am in Nashville as a kid on the back of the sled. ?
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    There are some common themes to many of the winter forecast that are out right now. Some of those are: Weak to moderate "Modoki" el Nino The "blob" of warm water off the coast of Alaska/Canada which promotes western US ridging Low solar activity High latitude blocking Increased soil moisture Meteorologist like to take those items and based on their current values, try to compare now with past years (analogs) to see what happened then. They then take all of those results and try to piece it all together so it makes sense.
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    And for the Huntsville and surrounding area served by the Huntsville NWS office.
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    Won't happen in ga
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