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    Good morning! It's Hump Day!!! Another glorious day in store today as well as tomorrow. High clouds and temps in the low 80's make for a great spring day! The rain does return Thursday night and into Friday, but nothing severe in the forecast. There really isn't a lot to talk about as far as the weather goes right now, we're in a typical end of spring pattern. The severe weather season for north Georgia is starting to fade like the pollen. I have a new page that shows the chances for the various modes of severe weather based on past history from the SPC, and the maps displayed are for the current date. Check it out. http://www.daculaweather.com/4_spc_today_climo.php If you'd like to read the summary of last Friday's severe weather system that moved through, here's the link from the Atlanta NWS office: April 19 Severe Weather Summary As far as the long term outlook goes... the models are inconsistent. πŸ™‚ I have to share this picture with you. This bird apparently didn't know there was a window there... 😯 Hope you have a better day than the bird!!! 😜
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    Good morning, you've made it to ..... Don't know what it is, but every Wednesday I think of this camel and it makes me smile. πŸ™‚ We all need to smile more and frown less. 😊 Now... on to what you expect to see here... the weather! There isn't much to talk about, so I'll let the NWS do most of the talking... As referenced above, these are the records for the next 7 days. It's kind of a jumbled mess but that's how it came from the NWS. There are a few Max Minimums in jeopardy this morning, but none around our area. http://www.daculaweather.com/4_temp_records_today.php Starting to see a little more rainfall over our area on the WPC 7 day rainfall forecast, and no doubt has increased as the Bermuda high shifts further east and puts us in more of a favorable return flow. http://www.daculaweather.com/4_wb_wpc_7day.php Looking ahead... At least it will be warm. Here's a look at my temps over the next 7 days, your temps may vary a little, but not a whole lot. So we're in a pattern that looks and feels like it would during the summer for the moment.That's not to say it is or isn't going to last, it's just the pattern we're in right now. I hope it does last, I like having afternoon and evening thundershowers every few days. So again, if you can, get out and enjoy the day and the weather, it's going to be another great one! I will be out cutting the grass once it dries out around 10-11 am, so you can come help me do some yard work! πŸ™‚
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    Good Tuesday morning to everyone! 🌞 Have you been outside this morning? Brrrr.... it's 48 degrees here at the house, and that's somewhere around 9 degrees below normal for me. Today and tomorrow morning will be cool and below normal, but will start a slow rise that will end in mid to upper 80's by the end of the week. Again, not much in the way of rain anytime soon. What we don't want to see this summer is this ridge parked over the southeast like it is now. We want to see it move on out to the Atlantic Ocean so that it can provide a return flow that includes moisture that provides the necessary energy for some afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Here is the Month to Date and Year to Date rainfall. So get out and enjoy the great weather, spring is almost over according to Mother Nature. Hope everyone has a great day!
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    It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! πŸ™‚ Did everyone get some rain yesterday? We had a few strong storms push through and there were reports of some wind damage around the NW part of the state. Here's what the Atlanta radar saw as rainfall. Soooooo.... it is going to be VERY important to stay alert to changing weather conditions this weekend, especially if you have outdoor activities planned. And if you are outdoors, make sure you have a way of receiving weather alerts, don't let the weather catch you off-guard. Also... and this is VERY important, follow the old saying "When the thunder roars, go indoors". Lightning can strike up to 10 miles away, and you don't have to be under the thunderstorm to be hit by lightning, if you can hear the thunder, you are close enough to be struck. TIP: Teach your children and they'll help remind you. πŸ˜‰ You do know that I also post the NWS "Recreational" forecast here (from the menu here under "Weather Data", "AFD's", "NWS Atlanta" or at this link on DaculaWeather.com http://www.daculaweather.com/4_rec_emwin.php. This forecast contains all of the lake forecast in one easy to find place. Today probably won't be as nice as yesterday but it won't be as bad as tomorrow, so enjoy the day as much as possible! πŸ™‚
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    Good morning to everyone! No real changes to the forecast, another nice day today and most of the day tomorrow before the rain returns. So YEA! Rain for the weekend! I know most of you hate to hear that after working inside all week, I'm sure you'd love to get out and enjoy some nice weather as well. Here's the WPC rainfall through Sunday at 8 pm. It will be a little warm on the west side of the state today Looks like everyone will be in the 80's today except for some isolated spots in the mountains, and a degree or three cooler tomorrow with more clouds around. So in summary, we'll see some afternoon and evening showers today, maybe a few more tomorrow, with much greater chances on Friday into Sunday evening before tapering off on Monday. As Joe Bastardi would tell you... "enjoy the weather, it's the only weather you've got". πŸ™‚ I wish I had thought of that first. πŸ™‚
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    No tornadoes. Mainly just thunderstorms, a few could have some higher winds and one or two could have some small hail. Mainly just our normal summertime thunderstorms.
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    Good Thursday morning! One more nice day before showers and thunderstorms return later this evening, and those chances continue through tomorrow morning. Here's the latest from the Atlanta NWS: http://www.daculaweather.com/4_afd_all.php | http://wx.northgeorgiawx.com/ffc_afd_rec.html/ The longer term reads like this: This is the forecast for areas around Lawrenceville, yours is basically the same with a little variation in temps. Again, I have a new page with today's highs/lows/anomalies/and 24 hour precipitation forecast for north Georgia here: http://www.daculaweather.com/4_atl_today_climo.php The updated Drought Monitor will be out this morning, and I'll take a look and see how we are doing and post it here along with the pollen count. There is not much rain in the forecast for the next 7 days, and those areas down south that have been abnormally dry are probably going to be a little worse this week. If you are interested, here are some links for the drought monitor and soil conditions: Drought Monitor: http://www.daculaweather.com/4_drought_state.php US Soil Conditions: http://www.daculaweather.com/4_soil_moisture_us.php GA Soil Conditions: http://www.daculaweather.com/4_ga_soil.php Vegetation Index: http://www.daculaweather.com/4_vegetation.php So overall... some bland spring weather for a while. Get out and enjoy it if you can!!!
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    Good morning !!! That ended up being a pretty nice Saturday and Sunday even if it was a little on the cool side. πŸ™‚ You really couldn't have asked for a better Easter weekend! I guess some of you might have noticed that this site was down for a while yesterday. Yep... I forgot to pay the bill. 😏 Kinda like if you forget to pay the electric, gas, or water bill. I'll try not to let that happen again. πŸ™‚ The next 3 days ought to be beautiful, with sunny skies and highs around 80 degrees. It now looks like some showers return on Thursday and more substantial rainfall on Friday. Here's the long term look from the Atlanta NWS office: High temps will be running 4-6 degrees above normal today, 5-8 degrees above normal tomorrow, and Thursday like today. Before those warm temps return, we have to get past our cold lows this morning, where we are running about 2-5 degrees below normal. I have a new page where I can share a few images from Weatherbell that has the National Digital Forecast Database (NDFD) temperature forecast as well as the high and low anomalies for the day. http://www.daculaweather.com/4_atl_today_climo.php So all in all, a great first half of the week coming up with the rain returning later Thursday. Have a great week!
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    Happy Monday morning to everyone! And especially TEACHERS!!!! This is it... the home stretch. You can do this now!!! Seeing a little shower this morning? It's spitting rain here at the house right now but it won't last for long and won't really wet anything. The National Blend of Models (NBM) brings 95 degree temps to my area by Friday. All of this heat is only going to worsen the drought conditions over central and southern Georgia. For the moment we're doing fine up here, but that's not going to last for long. The plants are really starting to suck the moisture out of the soil (evapotranspiration) and it won't be long before we start feeling the effects here. Here are my calculations. I don't have a soil moisture sensor (but I will when I move to the mountains!) so these are calculations done by my software. This is a measure of how much moisture is being pulled from the soil and through the plants. I have this data on my main page at DaculaWeather.com So get use to it, the heat is going to hang around for a little while, but I'm still not convinced that this is what we will see all summer... at least we'd better hope not! πŸ™‚ Hope everyone has a GREAT day!
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    Good morning! Another beautiful day in store for today! So nothing too bad in the short term..., so let's look ahead. Meh..... summertime weather. For us there is nothing of significance to talk about right now. I could talk about the severe weather potential over the plains, but I have a feeling that most people don't care unless the severe weather is going to affect them, so I'd probably be wasting my time. I guess you saw the pictures of the New England snow that I posted yesterday. Today, there are a couple of Minimum High temperature records that may be set in Maine. And these temps are even cold for them, these are the anomalies for today My wife and I are taking a two week trip through the New England states starting the last couple of days of this month, so I'm anxiously watching the weather for that area of the country. They've had a rough spring up there with cold temps and late season snows, but it looks like the conditions may be getting better over the next week or two. We can only hope. πŸ™‚ We have trips planned that will take us to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard and a whale watch tour, so I'm wanting clear skies and calm seas! πŸ™‚ I'll be posting an opening blog post soon and then once we start the trip, I'll be making post about each day of the trip depending on the time I have. I'll be taking LOTS of pictures and videos and I have purchased some cool new toys to help me do that, so I think you'll love seeing those. And while we have most of the trip planned out, if anyone has any great recommendations on what to see or do or the best places to eat while we are there, I'm certainly open to suggestions. πŸ™‚ We are driving the whole way, so it will be about a 3000 mile round trip. I hope everyone enjoys the day! I wouldn't worry too much about the showers this afternoon, even if we get some they will be light and quickly move through.
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    Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!!! Well... some of you got a LOT of rain and there is a little more to come today. Here's a look at the radar estimated rainfall. As you can see, there was a sharp cutoff to the heavier rain but here were still some isolated areas (Athens area) that got hammered as well. I see there was a little damage to a supermarket in Abbeville yesterday... Today, the SPC has place central Georgia in a "Slight Risk" area, and that extends to portions of the southern and eastern portions of the metro area as well. There is a tiny sliver in Gwinnett where I live that is in the zone as well. Here are the thoughts from the NWS: Cooler weather will start off the week So again... nothing out of the ordinary for this time of the year. At the moment, using the data I've collected here for the past 9 years, I'm running about 0.9ΒΊF above my average May temp. We'll see how that changes before the month is over. As you can see, Jan, Feb, and Apr have all been running above my average this year, while March is the only month below my average. http://www.daculaweather.com/4_temp_trends.php We need to get through one more wet day and then we get a break for two to three days. I hope everyone has a great and relaxing Mother's Day today! If you are a mother, you deserve it! πŸ‘
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    Good Thursday morning! Here comes the rain. For today WPC 7 Day Rainfall Forecast So which rain song would you like to hear? πŸ™‚ I checked all of my music and here's what I have with "rain" in the title. I have a few songs in my list. πŸ˜‰
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    Good morning! Another great day in store today and tomorrow and even most of the day on Thursday. The rain has slowed down a little and pushes things back by a day. A few showers this afternoon over the far east sections of the forecast area, but nothing to worry about except getting a little wet. Pay attention if you happen to be working outside though... there could be some lightning in any thunderstorm that might develop. WPC 7 Day Rainfall So no weather of any major consequence for us to talk about right now, just a normal summer pattern. I hope everyone has a great day!
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    This was a post by Kim Elmore about using mPING to make hail reports (or any precip report). If you don't know what mPING is, it is a way for the general public to report precipitation events from your mobile device. Here's a link with more information: https://mping.nssl.noaa.gov/
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    Good morning! πŸ™‚ Hope everyone had a great weekend! Saturday was a little soggy but yesterday turned out to be great once the clouds left, I was even able to cut my grass in the afternoon. Three days of really nice weather are coming up, so if you can, try to get out and enjoy them. Beginning Thursday, the rain returns to the picture and it looks to hand around into next week. Each day that passes brings the heavier precip colors a little further south. Here's the next 7 days from the WPC and Weatherbell So for the moment, nothing to really talk about except sunny skies and low 80's for highs, at least until Thursday. Here are some morning pictures I found from the Smokies today. There is a reason they are called the Smokies! Enjoy! Clingman's Dome Look Rock Purchase Knob
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    Good morning! Did everyone enjoy the rain yesterday? I know my yard is happier today! Here's a look at the radar estimated rainfall totals by area. Northwest - Over all, a pretty large area of up to 2" of rainfall Northeast - The Lake Lanier saw up to 4" of rain East - A stripe through Gwinnett and Jackson Counties, Walton County, and points east saw 2"+ rainfall. West - The west side had the least amount of rain coverage. So I'll take the much needed rainfall. And we'll still see a few showers today before everything clears out late this afternoon and evening. Monday and Tuesday look to be sunny and dry, but the rain returns Wednesday and looks to continue through the end of the week and into the weekend. Here's a look at the WPC 7 day rainfall forecast for the southeast. Afternoon and evening thunderstorms should help to keep us from drying out too much. The state is divided... πŸ˜‰ The north has had plenty of rain, while the south has been left high and dry. Here is the rainfall and rainfall anomalies for the last 30 days. I am fortunate to live in the blue stripe area where I've had about 200% above normal rainfall. Those down south though have had very little rain and are running 50% - 75% below normal. The models are indicating a upward trend in precip as we exit spring and head into summer, so that's good news right now. So in summary, not a bad day today, we'll just start off a little soggy with maybe a stray shower or sprinkle around. Things will start to clear up later and Monday and Tuesday look great. I hope you enjoy your Sunday and the weather!
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    Good morning! Your weekend has arrived! And along with that weekend comes a chance for some showers and thunderstorms today. First, the Storm Prediction Center And the latest from the NWS So nothing to be too concerned about unless you are outside. Lot's of youth sports going on today, and the ballparks are not the safest place during a thunderstorm. I use to be president of Dacula Athletic Association (twice...) and I had the association purchase a handheld lightning detector. As you can see from this image, the detector had distances on it and the LED for that distance would light up when lightning was detected within that range. As soon as lightning caused the 3-8 mile light to come on, we cleared the fields. No one was allowed back until the lightning moved back outside that range. A baseball or softball game is not worth risking lives over so no reason to take any chances. The ump's loved it because we had a subjective way of halting play and it took that responsibility away from them. Coaches.... well... coaches. Coaches would play during a hurricane if you let them. πŸ˜‰ So upper 70's to low 80's for highs today, with the cloud cover and rain helping to keep the temps down today and tomorrow, but expect 80's to return on Monday. Hope everyone has a great Saturday!
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    Here's the HRRR model and the simulated radar. This goes through midnight tonight. You can see the coverage is scattered until the evening hours, but it's kinda like rolling the dice and seeing what will come up, there is no real skill in a location specific forecast with a setup like this. Just keep some radar handy and plan ahead. Oh, and I have a page with all of the lake forecast: http://www.daculaweather.com/4_rec_emwin.php and it's also available from the menu at the top of this page under "Weather Data" "AFD's", and "Atlanta NWS" Hope it works out for you!
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    I hate to ask these questions but since they are usually not asked for thunderstorms, we have the afternoon planned to be out on Lanier. Would you recommend canceling or do you feel the storms will be isolated enough to give it a shot.
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    Rainbow from the Purchase Knob webcam
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    Good morning! Well... another beautiful day in store today. Did anyone here experience any of those showers last night? Here is where it fell. Congratulations to those that got some, because many of us got nothing. πŸ™‚ So... for the short term As far as the tropical system the NWS is talking about... the NHC has "x" spot near the Bahama's for possible development over the next 2-5 days. The WPC doesn't see much in the way of rainfall over the next 7 days for many parts of Georgia, and central Georgia gets almost zilch. Luckily north Georgia and the surrounding area are not in the rain-free hole. Long term: So in other words... late spring early summer weather. I hope everyone can get out and enjoy the day! Have a good one!
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    No severe... nowhere did I say severe.
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    Wow... what a beautiful morning in the Smokies Clingman's Dome Look Rock Purchase Knob Newfound Gap
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    Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend! It certainly was a nice one! More of the same for the next 3-4 days, with sunny skies and highs in the 80's, it will certainly feel like summer time. There will be a chance for some showers beginning Friday and the weekend may be a little unsettled with some showers around, but nothing that will cause any major issues. Temps will be running about 6-8 degrees above normal today and maybe just a little higher than that on Tuesday and Wednesday. http://www.daculaweather.com/4_atl_today_climo.php If you can... get out and enjoy this day! It's gonna be a great one! πŸ™‚
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    just wanna say thank you for your daily updates even if the weather is not interesting.
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    Good.... afternoon. 😌 Yea, I didn't post anything today. But you also didn't need someone telling you the sun was shining either. 😜 Nothing to really talk about until Thursday/Friday when our next rain chance returns... and even then there isn't much to talk about right now. Late spring weather. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to talk about. What did everyone do today? πŸ™‚
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    The song goes β€œIn the summer time, when the weather is hot” but for Georgia, it should go: β€œIn the summertime, when the storms are at night.”
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    Clearly, I missed something...what?
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    Steve has worked so hard to insure we all are informed and briefed about weather and all it entails. He has provided all of us many sources available to help us be prepared for whatever event. It is sad some refuse to be educated and served by the hard work that is going in to this forum and the info provided. There is no need for one not to know IF!THEY SO DESIRE. If you are hear to ply the internet games some do in this age and time , may I suggest the door or an attitude adjustment. Too much care is spent for us to be informed and safe by Steve to waste it. This is my opinion and should it be considered out of line please delete it Sir.
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    Did you see the word "severe" anywhere in that original post? 😢 If you don't see the word, then there is no severe threat.
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    Good Sunday morning! I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful (but hot) Saturday! Another day just like it today with a small chance for an afternoon and evening thunderstorm, so get out on the lake or a pool (if one is open...) where you can stay cool and enjoy the day. No real changes in the forecast as high pressure stays in control of the weather over the southeast and that means increasing heat and decreasing rain chances as the week goes on. Here's a look at where the max high records may potentially be broken. Thursday Friday Saturday So yes... hot and dry. That also means the drought will continue to get worse over Georgia, and it's going to take a significant amount of rainfall to pull them out. Most of the drought maps have still not updated but this one has. Otherwise, not much to talk about here. There is a Moderate Risk area for severe weather over TX/OK tomorrow, so that is something to watch for. Here's a great satellite view of the action. I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful Sunday!
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    Good Saturday morning! Running a little late this morning, I was up at 5 setting stuff out for a yard sale we're having today. Anyone need anything? πŸ™‚ Some serious severe weather over the plains yesterday, and there will be more days to come. Day 3 is already a Moderate Risk and I'll lay money on a High Risk starting tomorrow. To see a Moderate this far out let's you know just how serious this may be. If you followed yesterday's post, you saw some clips of the tornadoes yesterday, and there will be more today. But the story for us will be about the heat. These are a few of the sites that "may" break a record next Friday So a hot day again with temps in the mid to upper 80's and another chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Summer in Georgia. Hope everyone gets out and enjoys the great day!
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    And moonlit pictures over the Smokies at 10:00 pm
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    Good Monday morning! The calm after the storm. πŸ™‚ Are you a little tired of the rain? If so, you're in luck! It looks like the next 7 days are going to be beautiful with sunny to mostly sunny skies. We've going to start off a little cool this week, with highs in the 70's (some 60's in the mountains!), but as the week progresses, our temps will be on a quick rise to the mid to upper 80's. Take a look at the National Blend of Models temperature forecast for Lawrenceville to see what I mean. http://www.daculaweather.com/4_wb_nbm_klzu.php That's pretty hot for this time of the year. These are our normal highs, forecast high, and forecast high temp anomaly for next Sunday Normal High, May 19 Forecast High Sunday, May 19 High Temp Anomaly Sunday, May 19 Let's hope that trend doesn't carry over into summer. And speaking of something we don't want to see this summer... the absence of rain. Here's the 7 day WPC rainfall forecast, and for the most part, we're under the rain shield (ok... high pressure but whatever...). Hence the very warm temps (sinking air) and no rain. I'd really like to see rain at least every 5 days (>0.50"), if not more often during the summer (think afternoon and evening thundershowers) to keep everything green and healthy and to help negate the potential for wildfires. Plus, areas that are dry tend to reinforce the dryness, so it's sometimes tough to break out of that type of pattern. http://www.daculaweather.com/4_wb_wpc_7day.php The eastern high/western trough does provide a setup that is conducive for severe weather outbreaks... but fortunately not here. So for us, tranquil weather for at least 7 days, with sunny skies, and cool to warm to hot temperatures as the week goes on. Summer comes early to Georgia... better go ahead and start getting use to it. πŸ˜‰πŸŒž
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    Thunderstorms to our west today, the line should start to fade as it approaches the state line later this afternoon.
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    I have been looking for something like mPING for ages. when i went to a skywarn spotter class i was so surprised they did not have something like this.
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    Driving to ballground at around 1 today
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    You know about the synchronous fireflies in the Smokies and (I guess) you know that they have a lottery every year to see who gets to go watch, and only 1800 people get to go. https://www.citizen-times.com/story/news/2019/05/02/great-smokies-synchronous-firefly-viewing-lottery-hit-record-high/3650805002/
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    Is there a potential for severe on Saturday? I am confused, I thought it was just normal storms
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    Thanks Jeff. No one gets excited about sunny springtime weather. πŸ™‚ Severe weather, hurricanes, or winter weather are the only types of weather that get peoples interest. Makes for a tough crowd. πŸ˜„
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    Awesome! I've been doing a lot of work in the yard myself. Love these days!
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    I am getting concerned about the potential of a hot droughty summer! With the exception of the heavy rain event last week which was in a fairly narrow zone precipitation has been trending down since the end of February! It seems like that Bermuda High is wanting to make a home parked over or nearby the Southeast kind of like it did over the Winter! My location is 5 miles Southeast of the Athens Airport and I only received 0.83 of rainfall last week so a sharp demarcation zone of rainfall!!! Hope I am wrong but I have seen this pattern over the years and more times than not it transitions into a hot dry summer! We are due after 2 mild wet summer seasons in a row!!!
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    Good morning! Hope you liked the weather yesterday, because today and tomorrow are going to be just like it except warmer! πŸ™‚ We should have sunny skies and highs in the lower to mid 80's today, that summer heat is creeping up! Thursday should be pretty nice as well but there will be a few more clouds around as the moisture begins to return. Today's forecast temps and temp anomalies are here. Speaking of moisture, or lack of.... yesterday my temperature difference between the morning low and afternoon high was 37.2 degrees. The dry air is easier to cool and heat, so you get greater swings in the temperatures. Friday, when the rain is around, the forecast difference here is 22 degrees, and you will always see less of a variation when the air is moist. On the main page at DaculaWeather.com, I have all kinds of quick temperature data from my weather station, this was current as of 7:14 am. Most of the data you see here, is automatically updated every 8 seconds without having to refresh the page. Those in green were in the process of updating when I took this screenshot. As far as the long term goes... I think it should be a pretty nice weekend overall. A chance for showers returning later Sunday, but probably not enough of a chance right now to mess up any plans. If you can, I hope you get out and enjoy this day! It should be awesome!
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    Since it will be a weak cold front will the thunderstorms be below severe levels?
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    Not on those maps. Like Chuck said, the best radar app for a mobile device is Radarscope, and I use Radarscope Pro on all of my Android devices. It's a deal compared to my GR2A that is $250. I noticed that you can now get Radarscope for Windows 10 as well.
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