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    Good morning! Or good night.... 😉 It's 2:47 am, do you know where you're grumpy weather guy is? Yes, I went back to bed so I wasn't up all night. 🙂 Let me see what we can talk about.... how about the weather! First, the temps across the southeast at 7 am Lather, rinse, repeat... it goes on and on for at least the next 7 days. Are you not use to it yet? 😜 SWODY1 SWODY2 Forecast Precipitable Water Values 8 am This is the precipitable water climatology from the Atlanta NWS office balloon launches. The value of 1.80' was the 8pm reading from the 00Z weather balloon. If you look toward the bottom, you can see some other numbers that further help to relate the PW values to normal. The yellow line is roughly 2 standard deviations above normal, so you can see that we are close. It's this moisture that is making it feel so hot, take it away and ... well, it might be hotter. 🙂 The moisture helps to keep daytime highs down and nighttime lows up. Without the moisture, the temps would undoubtedly be cooler at night and hotter during the day, yet they "might" not feel so hot because you don't have the moisture, ie dry heat. Think desert. Precipitable Water Climatology Could the weather get much more boring than this? Absolutely zilch going on in the tropical Atlantic and apparently not going to be for a while, as high pressure dominates the MDR region. One good thing this year is that the Bermuda High has stayed offshore this summer, and because of that we haven't really had that hot/dry weather that we can frequently get when it decides to come further west and sit over the southeast. I've been reading a few pre-winter thoughts, and everyone is gun shy this year after last years forecast fiasco. One thing I can almost bet on though is that it will most likely be colder than last year 😎 I feel pretty safe in saying that even this far in advance. But there is no way to truly know what's going to happen until we get to October/early November time frame. As for fall... it too is a crapshoot. The Euro seasonal and the CFS seasonal are in direct odds with each other with the Euro warm and CFS cool. Someone get me a coin. So enjoy the hot temperatures with the very high dew points and stay cool! Relief is on the way!
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