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    Good morning! Not much to talk about today, just some uneventful weather in store for the next 3-4 days. We'll see a weak wedge poking down the east side of the mountains today, and because of that, we'll stay in the comfortable range for temperatures. There maybe a chance for some showers and thunderstorms around Friday/Saturday, but nothing serious and certainly not anything that will change the drought conditions. But once the front passes, you can expect to see this. Notice zonal flow. Still. Nothing to amp up the pattern just yet. It's going to be interesting to see what the remnants of Hagibis will do to help shake things up. This morning we are under the influence of a weak wedge that is bringing the clouds and cool temperatures to the area. The normal areas that see the effects of the wedges (wedgies? 🙂 ) will see the most clouds and cooler temps. These are dewpoints and you can see the drier air up in NC that is being forced south. And a closer look at the temperatures and surface winds. Not seeing any real help in the precipitation department at least until the weekend, and even then it won't be much. Winter begins in 74 days. 🙂 I won't have a morning post tomorrow, instead I'll be at the Georgia border and halfway to Sarasota. 🙂 We'll leave around 2 am and get there around 10 am. My weather there will be mid 80's and low 70's for the highs/lows, and I WILL go to the beach one of the days that we're down there. I'll send you a postcard. 🙂 If there is anything important to talk about, I'll cover it later in the day tomorrow. Almost forgot the two sunrise pictures from the Smokies today. Looks like fall to me. 🙂 Look Rock webcam Purchase Knob webcam Have a great Wednesday!
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    Be careful Steve Prayers sent--- And for those who might be interested, i am including a webcam address to Terry Peak, at Lead, S Dakota. When we went on Vacation there 2 years back we drove up that way just to say we went to the highest point there in S Dakota. The Black Hills are beautiful. We were there in June and stayed in Lead and used it as our base..... They are expecting 12-18 inches of snow beginning late this afternoon on into Thursday.... https://terrypeak.com/the-mountain/live-web-cams/
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