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    So, if I am understanding correctly, unless some huge change happens, we will most likely only see the outer bands of this hurricane?
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    Good morning! We now have Hurricane Isaias that is continuing to move toward the US this morning. Since it is now a hurricane, I have a separate discussion topic just for that, so click on this box below and it will take you straight there. You can see a disturbance to our NW that may impact our weather for today, and you can see Isaias down int he far lower right of this image. He's a little disorganized right now but it still packing 80 mph winds. But for us here, let's turn to the NWS and see what their thoughts are. Nothing really changes for us, because on the current forecast track, Isaias will stay well to our east and with very minimal impact. Rainfall amounts look like this across the southeast. Other than that, not much to talk about except those afternoon and evening thundershowers. Hope everyone has a great Friday and a fantastic weekend. 🙂
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