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    Good morning! I guess you heard the rain moving through during the overnight hours, it is now pushed southeast of Lincoln and today to should a relatively dry day to kick off the ProSolo! This is a combined radar/water vapor loop, and the numbers are dewpoints. Much drier air is moving into southeast Nebraska and today should feel great. About 15 seconds into the loop I switch from dewpoint to temperatures. Lincoln Friday AM.mp4 The NWS hour by hour forecast looks great for today, but tomorrow may be damp at times. As far as next week goes, no major rainfall in the forecast for now. You guys may luck out... So nothing today that should interfere with the competition. Go fast, have fun!
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    EDIT: This RSS import really messes with the blog post. This is a better link: http://blog.northgeorgiawx.com/new-england-trip/day-3-saturday-we-arrive We made it! We arrived in West Yarmouth about 4:30 pm on Saturday. Along the way we stopped to visit two lighthouses in Rhode Island and eat a lobster roll. 🙂 I've added a few pictures and a couple of videos below. Most were taken at the two lighthouses or on the way to them. Oh... and my lobster roll. 🙂 You can't forget the lobster roll. We're just getting started so I'll have lots more pictures and videos. Now is when it starts getting good! Here are a couple of videos I took on the ride, and both of these are from the Beavertail Lighthouse. I'll have more later. This first video is from the dash cam and the second video was taken using my S7 with polarizing filter. View the full article
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    After the fiasco from yesterday, we have decided to skip the stop in Philly to see Independence Hall, and I think that decision proved to be a wise one. Also... if you travel and use Google Maps... just know that the drive times you see is probably not going to be the time you actually spend on the road. Obviously Google doesn't know how many times you're gonna stop, and it doesn't know how fast you'll travel among other things. The bridge you see in the picture above is one of many on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut. Each bridge is a little different, but each one is very fancy. Those were kinda cool. Today we end up in Shelton Connecticut at a Hampton Inn. (EDIT: this was a GREAT place to stay). Tomorrow... onward through the fog! View the full article
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