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    Good morning! A cool wet day in store for today as an area of low pressure moves west to east across the southeast. Severe weather is possible but the majority of what may occur will remain to our south, and you can see the SPC outlook areas on this map. NWS Atlanta's thoughts And the Storm Prediction Center As you can see from the SPC maps, the primary severe threats will remain over south and central Georgia today. Sp maybe we can get some rain in here and wash away the pollen. It may not be a lot of rain, but the rain combined with cooler temperatures will work to drop the count both today and tomorrow. This is the rainfall through 8 AM Wednesday. As mentioned, today will be cooler than the past three days and most of north Georgia won't get out of the 50's, while behind the warm front in south Georgia temperatures rise into the 80's. I'll have the pollen count around 8:30 - 9:00 AM today and we'll see how that is going, but otherwise, let's get through today! Again... I'll have updates as necessary! Have a great day! I couldn't decide on a Tuesday song, so I'll share two, both old and both great.
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    So thankful for the rain. I can breathe again!
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    Tornado watch issued and like I mentioned yesterday the threat has really moved northward. And looking at the the STP vs yesterday’s it has ramped up , especially for central. I still think we get the gusty winds but storms will be few in Metter
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    I am now in the slight risk as it all has been shifted northward. Atlanta area is not far off
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