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    A few nice sunrise images from the Smokies this morning.
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    Good Friday morning! Starting off a little cooler this morning compared to the last 4 or 5 or 10. Seems like forever whatever it's been. We will be getting colder, but the bad news for many is that we will be warming back up. Much cooler air to our north in Tennessee and the mountain of NC this morning, with rain over a large area over the central US and freezing rain over Kansas and Missouri. Here's a zoomed in view of the winter mess. Considerably cooler and more seasonal this morning and this is the 24 hour temperature change. While our snow drought continues, others are buried in it. NWS Atlanta We will be getting colder and it will feel more like winter, but it doesn't last forever. The pattern starts off with some amplification, but then goes flat toward the end of next week as can be seen in this 1000=500 mb thickness loop. You can see the incursion of the colder air for Monday-Wednesday, but then the amplification smooths out and we go back into a zonal flow. So we wait some more. Don't you just love winter weather roller coasters? Yea... didn't think so. 😉 Here are the upcoming temperature anomalies from the GFS Two weeks to go in January, hopefully we can scrounge something up before the end of the month, otherwise on to February. I've always liked February snows anyway and we seem to have more of those than we do in January. I need to go back and look to see if that's true. So enjoy the day, the weather should be great! However, you might want to put the shorts away, at least for the next 5 days or so. 🙂 Have a great Friday!
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    Meanwhile, Facebook reminds me of 2 years ago...
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    No snow chance for the 24/25th timeframe?
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    In most ways I agree with you. I'm not expecting things to magically turn super cold in February. I expect a near average to possibly slightly below average month. But ultimately, we don't know yet what February holds. Which has mainly been the point that I've tried to drive home today. Focus on what we've got right in front of us right now instead of freaking out over what may or may not happen in the long range. Tonight we take a step down to cool, Sunday into Monday we turn briefly cold for a few days, late next week heights rise and we warm, followed by some degree of cool/cold into the last week of the month. I'm not worrying myself over what happens beyond that right now. Based on Northern hemisphere 500 mbar heights we are moving into probably our 4th sub-pattern of the winter. 1st was the November cold that lasted into the 1st week or so of December. Then we've had back to back warm sub-patterns here. (Same sensible result here but discreetly different at H5 as far as N hemisphere alignment goes). Now comes our 4th sub pattern where the H5 pattern that has dominated for the past month plus is clearly breaking down. We may see a 5th sub-pattern manifest as early as a week and a half to 2 weeks from now. Like I said earlier today, if February can be just around average for any length of time, I like my chances at snow here in the mountains. Because our climatology says that normal temps with a good track and HP will absolutely produce here in Jan/Feb.
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