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    Good morning! The next round of rain is approaching from the west today, and it is dragging colder air behind it. The overlap of the precip and colder air means a chance of snow in the mountains this evening. No, it's not much, but when you're below normal (EDIT: ok, SOME of us are below normal. 🙂 Some of us are starving. ðŸĪŠ) for the season, you have to take whatever you can get! These are the models and what they show NOT A FORECAST And THIS is the "official forecast" I think people will see a little more than the official forecast, but not much more. But that's not all folks! 🙂 Those additional snow showers try to bring these accumulations for late Friday into Saturday. NOT A FORECAST Everything is light as the shortwave has very little moisture to work with. Temperatures will look similar to this through Saturday evening. So I'll be here watching this for you all day, as you know, if any updates are necessary, I'll have them for you here. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!
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    Wow!!! That is almost unbelievable!
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