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    Good morning! Got rain? It's raining pretty hard here at the house this morning, It's cold where the rain is falling, it's down to 35 degrees here at the house. Here are the forecast rainfall totals through 7 AM Sunday morning. We'll have a dry day on Sunday before the rain returns again. Speaking of temperatures, here is a look at the last 24 hour low temps from various regions in the Northern Hemisphere. Link to page Northern Hemisphere Canada United States You can see that we are very mild compared to other parts of the world at the moment, and you can also see that there is plenty of cold that's just waiting to be unleashed. 🙂 Enjoy this rainy Friday the best you can! A cold rain is not the outdoor weather I have fun in, but if we could drop this temp down another 5 degrees.... I'd be in business! Have a great Friday!
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    It’s like we have seen this before 🤨
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    Good morning! It now appears that a few folks that live near the northwest corner of the state may see a little bit of snow overnight! First, here's the big picture. Notice the massive area of very cold temperatures across the center part of the US and Canada. Out west you see a ridge over California and the west coast (that is a negative EPO signal) that is forcing the moisture up and over the ridge. For us to have a good winter here, we want to see that -EPO. What that does is shut off the Pacific firehose of moisture and mild temperatures and allows a trough to form over the east US. You can also see the rain/snow starting to fall over Texas this morning and that area will be spreading east as the day goes on. NWS Atlanta All the models are consistent with a narrow band of snow from Texas through VA/PA beginning later tonight. Here are images from most of the models and they all show pretty much the same thing. We'll watch this today and see if there appears to be any trend just a little bit further south. I'll start off with the Euro as it has been the most consistent leading up to the event. Euro GFS NAM Canadian German Euro Ensemble GFS Ensemble Euro Ensemble Control This first event won't have a lot of moisture to work with as you can see from this QPF image through 1 AM Wednesday. As we go further into the weekend, the rainfall amounts increase and these are over the next 7 days. The Euro has different ideas and believes there will be more. The entire week looks to be wet except for Sunday which looks dry for now, but the rain returns on Monday. So even though most of us won't see any snow, it will be fun to watch the progression as it moves east today. Some of our friends in Alabama and Tennessee will see some snow, so let's be happy for their good fortune! Ours will come soon enough! Have a GREAT Tuesday!
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    I'm more interested in that 17th time frame on the Euro than that thing on the GFS lol. With a storm cutting that far west, we'd be flooded with warmth and I'm sure as we get closer that HP would be moving out just like it is for this weekend. That's only if that look is verbatim, things could change for the better who knows. Now the Euro setup is interesting to me if we can just get the low track and strength just right. Dual highs and a 50/50 low are there. All we'd need is a weak low sliding along the gulf coast to get snow. See January 5-8 1988 for the ideal scenario with dual highs and a weak system. Only problem is as of last night's Euro the low is about 250-300 miles too far north. But just 2 days ago it was 6-700 miles.
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    Good morning! Another nice cool late fall morning today and some people may have some fog early. The cold air combined with all of the soil moisture is creating some dense fog in some areas this morning, so if you need to get out, drive carefully. Here's a look at the last three days of rainfall. In case you haven't had enough rain, there is more on the way. SPC Day 2 Severe Weather Outlook WPC 7 Day Rainfall Temperatures drop behind the front Late next week, the models have been showing a low developing near the Gulf... and the solutions vary widely right now, but it is something we need to watch. Here's a little blurb from Larry Cosgrove about it. It's getting to be that time of the year when our snow chances start going up, and I'm very encouraged by what I see. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!
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    Small improvements initially on the Euro at 12z but then the system cut. I don't remember the last time we've seen a system not cut in the winter months. Is it too much to ask for a low to just track eastward along the gulf lol
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    If the NAM is to be believed at this range, then the threat for ice is probably slightly higher than currently shown on the globals. These are dew points as the precip is moving in. With the high sliding out to sea the warm air advection would still win out and change everything over to rain. But this could make the difference in seeing a fast transition or potentially advisory level ice before, so it bears watching.
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    That run wasn't realistic anyway. But it's actually still there and honestly a bit better. The low doesn't cut west of the Apps at least, even if it is 500 miles too far north. But you will literally never get consistency on that kind of lead time.
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    From what I'm seeing, as long as the moisture doesn't dry up too much, NW GA should definitely see a nice little snow. Already seeing a lot of 38 degree temps from Blue Ridge westward, probably just a few degrees from seeing mixing. Still a sad 49 degrees here just east of y'all lol
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    Just posted for Jasper, I'll take it! Special Weather Statement National Weather Service Peachtree City GA 314 PM EST Tue Dec 10 2019 GAZ001>009-011>016-111200- Dade-Walker-Catoosa-Whitfield-Murray-Fannin-Gilmer-Union-Towns- Chattooga-Gordon-Pickens-Dawson-Lumpkin-White- 314 PM EST Tue Dec 10 2019 ...RAIN AND SNOW POSSIBLE TONIGHT ACROSS PORTIONS OF NORTH GEORGIA... A wintry mix of snow and rain will be possible across the higher elevations of north Georgia overnight. Some light accumulations between one and two tenths of an inch are possible...mainly at elevations between 1000 feet and 2000 feet. At elevations above 2000 feet, some locally higher accumulations are possible ranging from half an inch up to an inch. Any snow accumulations will be on grassy or elevated surfaces.
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    Okay not to sound any alarm, but I’m sitting in car line in Dallas, GA and the precip that’s falling is tinier than drizzle and kind of “fluttering” down. im not saying it’s snowflakes, but... they’re acting like snowflakes 👀
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    Oh yeah I know. It was just the first frame that popped up(I keep that tab open all the time😂) and I had to do a triple take. Lol it’s one run. But one hell of a run for sure 😂
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    At least it's consistent, it showed the same thing yesterday. 🙂
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    I have a hard time believing that we are getting to 64 in Acworth today. WAY too cold and windy outside.
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    I got back from Detroit today. Of course it didn't start snowing until I was on the plane. I bring bad luck to snow lovers every time I go up north during the winter.
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    Not only the NAO but the models are showing a -AO as well. The EPO is still not cooperating and stays largely positive which can negate much of the impacts we'd see from a negative AO/NAO. And depending on which model you trust, the MJO may or may not be going into a favorable phase shortly. The Euro takes it into Phase 6 which is warm, while a few others go into Phase 7-8 which is cool. http://www.daculaweather.com/4_mjo_phase_forecast.php The Euro Weeklies are picking something out around the 14th to 18th of January that causes the AO/NAO/EPO to sharply go negative.
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    A white Christmas would be awesome!
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    Good Saturday morning and welcome to the weekend! Not a bad weekend in store now that the rain has pushed out. Did you get much in your backyard? Many areas had anywhere from 1-4" with the heavier amounts a little further south. Here's the radar estimated rainfall totals. While the rain may be over for now, there is more on the way. Here's a look at the severe outlook. And here's a look at the additional rainfall we'll have through 7 pm Tuesday. I wanted to show you this. We are now in one of the quietest solar years in a century. Low solar winters are cold and stormy. Think 2009-2010. Speaking of that period... on this date in 2010 I set two records here at the house. I set a record low high temperature of 32.0º F and a record low low temperature of 13.1º F, and both of those records still stand. Again, not a bad weekend with relatively tranquil weather. Time to get out and get that Christmas shopping done! We're in the "12 Days of Christmas" countdown! 🙂 Have a great Saturday!
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    For whatever it may be worth the GEFS had a pretty big jump on snow for the NE corner.
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    At my place in 2010 in this date I had a low of 13 and a high of 35! Christmas of 2010 we recorded 3 inches of snow at my location 5.5 miles Southeast of Athens Ben Epps Airport! A once in a lifetime event for Northeast Georgia outside of the mountains! Recorded a total of 2.80 inches of rainfall for this rainfall event! Much needed for the thirsty ground!
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    That was a funny year. We traveled up north for Christmas, thinking we would see snow. And we ended up with a White Christmas right at home!
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    I guess everyone remembers this... Christmas, 2010 http://www.daculaweather.com/4_georgia_white_christmas.php
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    Good Thursday morning! Everyone is starting off a little chilly this morning! Must be that thick snowpack we have. 😜 Not a bad start to the weather for today, but that will be changing this afternoon. WPC 7 day rainfall. Most of the models agree, the GFS is a little less. I would take anything 7 days out with a grain of salt right now.:-) We're in a very progressive non-amplified pattern right now, so expect frequent systems bringing us chances of rain. Until some blocking pattern takes hold, and the expectations are that it will, we will remain in this unsettled pattern through at least Christmas. Enjoy this Thursday! It will be a few days before it's this nice again! 🙂 Have a great day!
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    And this is going to happen?? 😭😭😭
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    After Christmas do we finally see cold temps, or do we continue with the above avg temps and rain every 2-3 days? To be honest I would rather see a cold high pressure drop in with the cobalt blue skies and no moisture, than deal with 80 degree temps down here in S Georgia. At least have a Winter!
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    Eh, not seeing any real changes. They probably just did this for continuity with the Huntsville office.
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    It's a tough call cause I'd say somewhere from Blue Ridge to Blairsville is where the cutoff will setup. The moisture is as healthy as it will get, it's all down hill from here as more and more interaction with the mountain chain happens. You'll notice on the models the band peaks this afternoon and then falls apart overnight. I'd say that's why it's not showing much. The further NW you go the better and better chances there is. It does appear temps are cooperating though, and based on trends to the west changeover is around 33-34 degrees.
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    Huntsville area getting absolutely plastered right now, nice rates and all snow per ground reports.
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    Per NWS hourly forecast, Blue Ridge was supposed to reach 38 degrees between 9 and 10 PM.
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    Agreed. Thermometer is reading 44 where I am now, and the NWS forecast had us still in the low 50s at this time of day.
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    Is it just me or are the temps dropping faster than forecasted? Radar trends to our west are looking promising as well. Fingers crossed still lol.
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    Yep. Still a long way out but that time period needs to be watched.
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    NE GA generally doesn't do well with frontal passage stuff. The tall mountains to our northwest tend to slow down the cold and dry up the moisture. I would not expect anything east of Union County but I would love to be wrong.
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    GFS going crazy with ice in the long range again.
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    So close, and yet so far away...
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    Here's a look at the infrared view over TX. Note the spin in the atmosphere that my cursor highlights. There is good look to all of this that possibly indicates a stronger system. Fun! ir_on 10th.mp4
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    And the 18z NAM is still borderline. A balmy 33 degree rain haha
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    Noticed this as well this morning. I was gonna wait until the 18z came out to mention but the 12z EURO also had some pretty low dew points as well.
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    I love the 12z EURO’s 35 degree rain Friday!!
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    On Weatherbell the twm NAM's run at these times. The last column is the next local runtime.
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