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    Good morning! One more sunny day before the moisture begins to return. It's all just general afternoon and evening thunderstorm activity, so just normal summer weather. Even the NWS doesn't have much to say about the pattern. So I come back and the weather goes back to meh. It should be a nice weekend to get out and do something outdoors. Just pay attention to the skies Sunday afternoon just in case a stray thunderstorm decides to pop up. Highs Today
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    Good morning! I'm STILL going through videos but now I'm on to the dashcam versions. Imagine taking 5 minute videos for 3500 miles and you might get the idea of how many there are to go through. Granted, some days I didn't use it, like from our place in Cape Cod to the ferry, or our place to the whale watch dock, but those weren't far at all. I've already deleted most of them (and of course wish I hadn't...) as I had to take out some big chunks of boring driving, but they are great to show the New England settings and landscape. I'm almost ready to post the links to everything but I still have some videos to go through before I'm done. I'm starting to have fun with Adobe Premier Pro and would like to go back through some videos and "fix" them up a little. But I know you'd much rather hear about the weather so.... Rain Have a great day! Ok... 😜 There are and have been some showers around the north Georgia area this morning. The current radar shows more rain to our west and the entire system is headed east. So yes, rain chances every day. It's summertime. Get out and get wet! 🙂 Just listen for thunder. Remember... if you can hear the thunder, you're close enough to be hit. Don't be a statistic, stay safe and have fun!
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    Good Monday morning to everyone! The start of the afternoon showers and thunderstorms was delayed by a day, but today should mark the beginning. So again... summertime in Georgia. Here's the general forecast and your's may vary just a little bit. Here's the 7 day rainfall forecast. Much of the rain is around the edge of the high pressure sitting out along the Atlantic coast. The best chance for showers and thunderstorms should be on Thursday. So no big changes and nothing out of the ordinary. Have a great Monday!
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    Good Thursday morning! Home at last. We got back around 9:30 last night so it was a long day. I was looking at all the pictures and videos and I have about half a terabyte worth of stuff. 😲 So I have plenty to keep me busy for a while. Man, we come back and the rain goes away! If the hot and dry come back again, I'm outta here once more, and that will cause the rain to return. 🙂 Today will be nice and cool with sunny skies and the highs today will be below normal for this time of the year. Highs High Temp Anomalies As we approach the weekend we'll start to see an increase in moisture and the chances for afternoon and evening thunderstorms will return. So we'll dry out for a few days and then back to some rain chances. All in all, a great summer forecast!
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    I am loving seeing the ridge broken and beautiful cool April weather in June. There could be a few 40’s tonight
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    Good Wednesday morning to everyone! This is the last day of my trip and it has really been awesome. I have about 500 GB of pictures and videos to go through once I get back home later today, and then my wife and I have to go through our log book and actually write some blog post. This may take a year or so... 😜 The weather is BEAUTIFUL here in Virginia. I'm sitting in the bed at our bed and breakfast in the Shenandoah Valley this morning at an amazing view. After breakfast we're on the road for the final leg of the trip. Looks like those around the metro Atlanta area got some heavy rain yesterday. Looking ahead. I like the "summer pattern" that is "looming". 🙂 So no 90's for north Georgia for a while, that's always good news. Here's where we are at this morning. Breakfast is at 9 am. 🙂 Hope everyone has a great day! I should be back on schedule tomorrow!
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