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  1. Morning.. glad to have you back
  2. Yes it is Ricky it’s inland now.. welcome back SB
  3. So happy for you guys! Killer views.
  4. Margaritas on the deck with killer views.. heaven!
  5. Now in my neck of the woods but risk is not too much.
  6. Hopefully it’ll just be some thunder and rain.
  7. Am I reading this right we are not in the bulls eye..looks bad for the panhandle of Florida.
  8. You guys enjoy your pretty spring weekend.
  9. Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
  10. Going on a sisters trip to Asheville for 3 nights tomorrow.. hopefully rain will stay away!
  11. Need a 1/2 ft here ❄️❄️😂
  12. Like to see accumulating snow here!! If you wish wish big so I’m wishing for 5-6 inches, lolol
  13. Hope we get a good 4 inches of snow!!!
  14. Couple dozen flakes here!
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