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  1. Going on a sisters trip to Asheville for 3 nights tomorrow.. hopefully rain will stay away!
  2. Need a 1/2 ft here ❄️❄️😂
  3. Like to see accumulating snow here!! If you wish wish big so I’m wishing for 5-6 inches, lolol
  4. Hope we get a good 4 inches of snow!!!
  5. Couple dozen flakes here!
  6. Gray day here but I’ll take it.
  7. I’m back! Clear blue skies so far ! Too many people up there for me but snow was beautiful..
  8. Lightly coming down now with more and heavier on the way 😁
  9. Flying to Chicago this morning till 25th ! Hope to see a bunch of snow.
  10. Hope to see snow while I’m in the north west burbs of Chicago for 8 days 16-23
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