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  1. So sorry to hear about your Father. Hang in there and be safe you two.
  2. Mid fifties here this am.. refreshing and expected rain tomorrow!!!
  3. Will Hagibis help push down colder air to us?
  4. Woke to wet grass and roads.. šŸ˜
  5. I do believe that you are an old soul. Beautiful song and a promising forecast.
  6. Like to have a fall then bring the snow on !!
  7. Not seeking a move to Tennessee? Hope you two find a perfect house!
  8. Got a 10 minute rain yesterday.. was good to see!
  9. Help me , Iā€™m melting.. who said that?
  10. Glad you two made it home safe!
  11. Gave up on rain for the next few weeks šŸ˜ž
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