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  1. MNW

    February 15, Friday

    What happened to winter? What does the return of El Niño mean for the rest of winter?
  2. MNW

    February 14, Thursday

    My feet are beginning to web!
  3. MNW

    February 12, Tuesday

    Yuck, favorite weatherperson , we need at least some sunshine.. my daffodils are blooming up here..
  4. MNW

    February 9, Saturday

    Have a good one . Missing your excitement for potential future snow..
  5. MNW

    February 8, Friday

    Always make the most of what Mother Nature gives you! If you don’t like it, wait it’ll change.. going to Windy City end of February hope to see some snow .
  6. MNW

    February 7, Thursday

  7. MNW

    February 4, Monday

    Rain here and gray skies..
  8. MNW

    February 1, Friday

    We got about an inch Iast week ready for a BIG snow!! I too am tired of the rain so will be eager to see some white stuff!
  9. MNW

    January 31, 2019

    Family in NW Suburbs of Chicago.. unbelievably cold up there..
  10. MNW

    January 27, Sunday

    Bring on the snow!
  11. MNW

    January 26, Saturday

    Have faith in you and your take on what you think, at this time, will happen.. like to see a good snow here on the ridges!
  12. MNW

    January 25, Friday

    Wave animation is awesome!
  13. MNW

    January 24, Thursday

    Sounds good to me! Ready for some sledding!
  14. MNW

    January 22, Tuesday

    Lolol snow when we get it will be a doozy
  15. MNW

    January 21, Monday

    Buckled up and snow gear ready, let’s get this show on the road !