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  1. About time for the tropics to kick in!
  2. Got an unexpected big rain yesterday and it was welcomed!
  3. Bring us some cooler weather with hits of a greater change into fall, please!
  4. Got a 2 minute rain yesterday first in a wk for me. Looks like we are entering a dry spell the next 10 days or so .. there goes my water bill, Lol
  5. Needing rain at my house..
  6. A true fall would be awesome.. start cooling down by September and sweater weather by October..!!
  7. Cooler temps on the way for a short visit but I’ll take it! Safe travels.
  8. Rain yay! Safe travels home.
  9. Pop up to 50 percent today hope we are in that percentage! Flowers are begging for a shower.. enjoy your time in Fl.
  10. East Tennessee could use a shower every day!
  11. Panhandle of Fl definitely needs rain their grass is brown!
  12. That time of the year when uncertainty raises her head!
  13. Flowers loving this rain..
  14. All clear and warm up here. Enjoying your retirement I see... good for you.
  15. We were expecting severe and got lucky with just some rain!
  16. Hope it all fizzles out!
  17. Morning! It’s a beautiful sunny morning here. Clouds slowly making an appearance.
  18. Had pea size hail last week up here very briefly . Hope this does not come our way.
  19. No snow here this past week in the Windy City..
  20. River and roadway flooding up here.
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