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  1. Hope my area is included we got -0- measurable snow last year..
  2. Very proud for you Steve! As you begin the next chapter of your journey I am wishing you good health and happiness and lots of snowy winter fun .
  3. Mother Nature needs to get her act together and bring cold and wet = Snow , to my neck of the woods
  4. Burrrr , cold is good next the white stuff
  5. Enjoy!!! you are now a part of the, don’t have to get up early unless I want to group!
  6. Hopefully it will come my way.. come on Joe, cooperate
  7. Hopefully with several snow days for us❄️❄️
  8. Locals saying snow a possibility Tuesday , lolol
  9. Has been a old wives tale , what ever Halloween weather is Thanksgiving will copy., hummmm have to see if this holds true ., Ive been tracking and so far over past several years it seems to hold up..
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