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  1. Seeing a few flakes here in Dunwoody. Pretty windy right now.
  2. During the blizzard of '93, we were in living in Lilburn. The day before the storm hit, my husband's brother and 5 of his friends from college were traveling through Atlanta in a motorhome and stopped to visit us. They ended up staying the weekend with us deciding not to travel back to PA until the storm had passed. We lost our electricity for most of the weekend, and by the time it was over, I'll bet I did not have a piece of dried pasta left in my pantry after feeding that crowd :-) I was grateful for my gas range and water heater. If you can cook something on your stove and take a hot shower, life is good even without electricity :-)
  3. Toto, we are not in Dunwoody today :-) I was hoping to get a better view of the surrounding area, but it has been foggy all day. We started with snow yesterday, but ended up getting sleet and freezing rain last night. We have about 3 inches of frozen precipitation on the ground with a hard-icy coating on top. We are getting some more snow showers this evening. This is in SW Roanoke county at about 2500 feet next to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Now for some snow when I get back to Atlanta :-)
  4. I remember 1982 SnowJam in Atlanta well :-) I had just moved to GA from the Blue Ridge Mountains SW of Roanoke, VA to go to college. I was amazed at how many of my classmates had never seen snow! I was dismayed when I realized how few people knew how to drive on it! We had a steep hill in front of our college, and a friend and I were watching people slide down and spin as they were going down the hill (slamming on their brakes). After a while, a policeman showed up talked with my friend and me, and he started stopping people at the top of the hill. He would ask the driver if they were comfortable going down the hill. If they said, "No," then he had either my friend or me take the car to the bottom of the hill. I don't think that would ever go over today :-) BTW, I am actually visiting my family up on the mountain :-) I'll try to post some pictures later. We won't be going anywhere for a while!
  5. I am predicting an ice storm in Atlanta because we left our chainsaw in Virginia over Thanksgiving where we had to clean up after the previous ice storm they had. My family lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains outside of Roanoke above the Parkway :-)
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