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  1. Thanks for sharing this touching story!! Love it!
  2. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it odd to be having thunder and lightening with such cold temps?
  3. Oh idk. I need some Dramamine from this last rollercoaster ride. Lol jk. But in all honesty, I hold no negative feelings towards all those who have worked so hard trying to get a handle on our crazy weather. Nothing but respect for all y'all do. I've been following Steve for years and he remains my go to weather guy. Last night I was looking at the radar...there was plenty of moisture coming but as it got into Ga, it looked like it was hitting a brick wall (the mountains). Seems to always be the case. But I still think we are gonna get something before winter is over.
  4. I want this map to move on over to Georgia with that 2-3" over Gwinnett!!
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