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  1. What am I even supposed to do to prepare for that much rain? It's kinda too late at this point, I feel. Didn't realize it was gonna be this bad 😳
  2. Hey, don't mean to bother ya, but what's the deal with a Special Weather Statement? I never understood why they issue those and not just warnings? We aren't even in a watch, but these storms about to slam into me keep getting these special statements issued. What's the criteria for this? And I only see these on your FB page. These won't trigger any kind of warnings over our devices will they? Thanks!
  3. Rain I can deal with. Thanks, Steve!
  4. I really hope (unlike last Sunday) that I can just throw in my earplugs, don my sleep mask, snuggle with the dog, and sleep in my own bed. Everything seems ok-ish for Barrow overnight?
  5. Rumble...rumble...boom... The sky's awake, so I'm awake.
  6. A long and exasperated PHEW from Barrow Co. Yikes!! This day was horrible. Melodic heavy metal, a bottle of red, and the entire new season of "Nailed It" got me through this one! 🍷🤘🍰
  7. I walked out on the porch just before hunkering downstairs for the night. It literally feels like the beach out there (Barrow) icky and blegh
  8. Okay, so what am I seeing right now on radar? Is what's barreling NW Ga right now Round 1? And what does that make what's in Arkansas? Sorry, information overload...
  9. Those twin monsters in MS have me shaking in my boots...and it ain't even here, yet.
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