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  1. Depends on how late my husband snores or if/when I serve him the eviction notice to the guest bed.
  2. Dog observations: Teacup Chihuahua stray: will no longer approach the door. Terrier/Chihuahua: walks to the front step, says a cuss word, and ran back to her cage. Aussie/German/collie mix took a leisurely stroll, did his business and took time to examine the puddles of water. I've got two (pine) branches down out front and its 38' Something sounded like it blew across the side of my house... can't figure out what it was though 😕
  3. I'm on the Grayson Lawrenceville line. Looks like rain but the wind is wicked! Thermometer diped to 39 and is back up to 40? Thing could be broken, who knows?
  4. Crazy thing is- the app on my phone (weather channel storm radar thing) shows 99.9% rain up there... Its almost like you cant trust anyone right now 😭
  5. Uhh, so that's bad right? Good would be snow, bad is ice in my book...
  6. I saw everyone's temp reports, so i went to look at my little digital one I keep on my kitchen window. My husband brought it inside :( I'm happy to report that as of sticking it back outside its reading 52! Still bikini Weather!
  7. I got a extra loaf if you need it.. its sugar free wheat but hey.. bread is bread when the power is out and you need french toast eh?
  8. My husband is about to emerge out of the Grayson Kroger.. I'll give you all a live report when he gets out. Current observational report: its packed. But I usually shop at 8am when there are 12 people in the store (2 customers +staff) (Legit, I forgot to buy his special lactose free milk on my normal shopping trip.) Edit: whole milk is still there. Unless you're looking for lactose free milk you'll be fine. Bread is wiped, water is also wiped!
  9. White christmas please! Not a fan of the 15th cause we are seeing santa the 16th... but anything after that would be peachy!
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