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  1. No snow chance for the 24/25th timeframe?
  2. It would be great if the forum listed the town your in under your username by default.
  3. Temps are\were way too warm for the Metro to get snow. Needed that rain to hold back half a day.
  4. Weather Service seems to be pulling back on the totals for Atlanta. Boo.
  5. Hoping for some great news on this evening models!
  6. Has anyone had experience with the Indoor Mr Buddy heaters? Thinking about getting an emergency heating source prepped.
  7. Heard the latest few runs of EURO and GFS have taken away all snow chances for next week. Do you see the same trends? So over this cold rain.
  8. What? That is skilz. Impressed. Not to toot my own horn, but I am cross eyed dominant. Boom! Left eyed dominant, but do everything right sided, but for shooting rifles, got to aim and all.
  9. Steve! You use a mouse with your left hand? Weirdo. 😉😜
  10. I'll be a great internet friend and take those ATLUTD tickets so you can be safe at home. 😁
  11. Heard murmurs of the wintry mix shot the 8th? Thoughts?
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