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  1. Lol even the furry Mets can’t agree! General Lee says 6 more weeks of winter!
  2. Guy Sharpe used to tell me that we had major ice storms about every 20 years. Where I am at is way over due. We will have to see.
  3. Thise people usually are the ones caught in snow jams.... those who know, understand that each chance of snow here has the potential of the big one, due to the million and a half variables. The negative complainers will be the first to get stuck when the snow gods line up in perfect alignment . And wonder why. One to the next one, although my county is still preparing for black ice. Thanks everyone for your help, maybe next time.
  4. Had one of my parents from last year, trying to get 6 kids on one computer to complete their work. Each class for the children had assigned an hour for their class. It was a nightmare for them. One of the blessings of snow in the south is that it’s rare and lasts for a short time. Sometimes new experiences are equally important. Lol, but I am now retired, what do I know....
  5. Lol, that’s me! We also have had enough snow dances yet!
  6. I have grown up here and the fact that is, here it ain’t over til it’s over. Some of our best snows are in the middle of March. December and January snows are a blessing, but don’t give up hope til the end of March. 😊
  7. It’s really hard when you want something so badly , like a good snow day and it fizzes out. I understand that you just don’t want to be disappointed. But hope is a great thing to have. What I love about this site is there is hope, backed with knowledge. I would much rather follow this site, than the major sites because of the negatives on snow.
  8. The preschool and pre k programs are some of the hardest to teach. Not only do you teach the building blocks , you teach the basics of life, from putting on coats to reading and math. Wide range of skills. We are real teachers.
  9. Me too! Wake up to check. Lol, I am so bad...
  10. Murphy got nothing! Said above freezing all night, although some sleet. So when is the next one?
  11. Calvin and Hobbes this morning... kinda sums it up. On to the next one.
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