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  1. It was about a loan. Came in through notifications as a special weather event 12-13. Just wanted to let you know . Thought it was odd for you.
  2. Odd question. Did you send out an email yesterday ? Didn’t sound like you and just wondered in case you had been hacked.
  3. So excited for you all! Welcome home to the mountains!
  4. Enjoy the new adventure. It will be so worth it.
  5. I think if Kemp had used these figures and explained it would have helped. Too many don’t understand any numbers but that cases and deaths continue to rise.
  6. We downsized from Oxford to Covington. We want to spend more time in Murphy, NC . We stayed there til the house sold.
  7. We just did that right before everything shut down in March. Will send prayers. We still haven’t found the remote so no Netflix or Amazon. We are going to purchase another, but keep thinking the next box surely!
  8. Thanks. I just was making sure I understood. Don’t you close tomorrow? You will need a few dry days to move!
  9. I thought the recovery is what we don’t want to see?
  10. I would like to thank everyone for their help last night. It made a long day and night much easier. The reporting was calm and informative. Rest well today, you all have earned it.
  11. It’s out of Morristown Tenn weather service, not peachtree.
  12. Happy Birthday! We are grateful to join you in this journey around the sun!
  13. Thanks. My husband is determined . We have a closing tomorrow in Conyers.
  14. We are looking to make a day trip from Murphy to Atlanta and back, tomorrow. Should we be concerned?
  15. You too, my friend. You should be ok.
  16. I grew up here, so understand the ups and downs. But also know that some of our best snows were surprises! So here’s to southern surprises and good luck!
  17. Hugs my friend. Find a safe place and sit through it till it passes. The actual storms rarely last long.
  18. Thanks for helping keep us posted today.
  19. Murphy , NC had strong winds and crazy thunder. Power popping on and off. Still raining and rumbling , but hopefully they are moving off.
  20. Lol even the furry Mets can’t agree! General Lee says 6 more weeks of winter!
  21. Guy Sharpe used to tell me that we had major ice storms about every 20 years. Where I am at is way over due. We will have to see.
  22. Thise people usually are the ones caught in snow jams.... those who know, understand that each chance of snow here has the potential of the big one, due to the million and a half variables. The negative complainers will be the first to get stuck when the snow gods line up in perfect alignment . And wonder why. One to the next one, although my county is still preparing for black ice. Thanks everyone for your help, maybe next time.
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