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  1. Good morning! Don't know about you, but I have some very breezy conditions here at the house this morning and it feels great! The last time I looked I was around 69 degrees, so throw in the breezy winds with cloudy skies and it's cool out there! 🙂 Cheap thrills! It doesn't take much for me! 🙂 Our weather today and tomorrow will be pretty much like the last several.... Our temperatures for the weekend will increase while the chances for those afternoon and evening thunderstorms decrease. Don't worry, the rain chances go back up to start the work week. 🙂 Highs today look like this While the highs for the weekend and most of next week look like this. So... nothing new under the sun. 😇 Hope everyone has a great Thursday!
  2. I'd love for that to happen here. 🙂 The other morning we had rain for 5-6 hours it seems like, it was awesome! 🙂
  3. Good morning! We managed to pick up some nice storms yesterday! Here's a picture of a thunderstorm over Commerce right before sunset, and that storm is 45 miles away from me. It looks closer in person than it does in this picture. I had another nice thunderstorm pass to my east, this image is looking toward Dahlonega. Today and tomorrow will be like yesterday, so nothing new for a few days. I suppose you heard about the damage from a thunderstorm on Lake Lanier the other day, and it was determined that a microburst was the culprit. I didn't know if you had seen this video that this person took. I Tweeted three images to the NWS. These are the images. Each image was 5 minutes apart and is a 3D volumetric scan and the purple generally indicates hail. 2:27 PM 2:33 PM 2:39 PM Certainly evidence that over a 15-20 minute span, that core emptied itself completely. Microburst create tremendous downdraft winds that can reach tornado strength over a large area. When the core collapses, the rain/hail combination creates the high winds and once the column mass approaches the ground, the winds spread out radially in all directions. That's it for today! Expect the afternoon and evening thunderstorms to continue for the foreseeable future. As long as we can keep the heat away... I'm good! Have a great Wednesday!
  4. Good morning! Did you get enough rain yesterday? I know some had more than others and some had some wind and hail damage. If you had any damage, please share some pictures! This morning Isaias is moving quickly up the coast and generating a lot of quick spin up tornadoes as it goes. Behind Isaias, a trough is pushing across the midwest and impulses in the flow will bring another chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms today, although the coverage will not be as great or intense as yesterday. Here's a look at the radar estimated rainfall from yesterday. Looking ahead... Here's a look at the precipitable water values for the next 10 days. Notice we dry out a little bit today through Thursday, but the moisture returns just in time for the weekend. High temperatures for today As you can see, we're back in summertime mode for weather. I'll tell you what though... I REALLY enjoyed the clouds and rain yesterday morning. It was breezy and cool with thunder and rain, and it was a nice change from the sunny hot mornings we've had lately. I hope everyone has a GREAT Tuesday!
  5. Rainfall so far look like this for the heaviest amounts.
  6. LOL!!!!! There is no telling! If you had clicked on that top link in the image, you could have seen a high def view! 🙂 I can't even tell you if that's me, my wife, or one of the "Little People" that live in the woods up here. LOL!
  7. Good morning! TS Isaias is moving up the east coast this morning and is expected to make landfall over SC later today, and it could briefly regain hurricane strength before doing so. But our rain today will be focused along and either side of the I-85 corridor due to convergence between Isaias and a trough to the NW, and some showers are already starting to break out, and those will increase in coverage as the day progresses. Morning radar NWS Atlanta had a long discussion this morning, so I'll let you read and I'll highlight. 🙂 Here's a look at the HRRR model (High Resolution Rapid Refresh) and its depiction of the rain today. And the NAM 3km Highs today will remain pleasant. Here's a little blurb about Isaias. So a fairly rainy day in store for many of us, it will be a nice break from the sun and heat from yesterday, although some of you have some nice evening thunderstorms to cool you off. 🙂 I hope everyone has a great start to the work week!
  8. Pacman. 🙂 The static image shows wind gust, Pacman shows winds.
  9. Well, Isaias is back down to a Tropical Storm, so not much put some wind and high surf/surge along the coast. Unless something changes, there is no real reason to continue this post.
  10. Good morning! The only real story this morning is Tropical Storm Isaias that is riding the Gulf Stream near Ft. Lauderdale. Overnight Isaias was downgraded to a TS with max winds of 65 mph. Almost all the rain and the highest winds are offshore, so no serious threats except for surge and high tides. Since we are on the wrong side of Isaias, instead of rising air, we have sinking air, and that means dry and hot. Here are the highs for today... And rainfall through 2 am Monday morning... Just the typical summertime weather for Georgia with little to talk about, and even Isaias wasn't/isn't much to talk about. Summer is NOT my favorite time of the year for weather, it's just generally boring. I suppose that's good in a lot of ways, you don't have to worry to much about the weather for outdoor activities, it's pretty predictable most of the time. The only real fly in the ointment are hurricanes and even those don't generally bring us bad weather as you can see from this one. So enjoy what we have, it's not like we have a choice in the weather! 🙂 Hope you have a great Sunday!
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