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  1. LOL!!! That's great! 🙂 Or not so great if you're getting chased by green eyed flies! LOL!
  2. Hey there! Good to hear from you! Those are SO beautiful, thanks for sharing. Being on top there is like being in another world, it's surreal. In looking at the pictures, there is a big difference between the vegetation now and the first/second week of June last year, much greener in your pictures. When you're on top, the vastness of it all is boggling. I always felt like I was going to fall off or something. 😊 Glad you had great weather, because it is certainly hit or miss up there. 🙂 How long did you all stay up north? I was reading today about the "greenhead" flies that are about ready to make their appearance. I don't think I want to be around those... 😉
  3. Good morning! Got rain? 🙂 The NW corner of the state has missed out on the rain for the most part, but most everyone else has had a little. We do have some gusty winds and lots of moisture around the area this morning, and that is going to continue all day long. Once the sun comes up and we get a little heat in the sky, the showers, rain, and thunderstorms will increase again. Right now the low is between Macon and Atlanta and it will continue to move northeast as the day progresses. The showers are low topped and a lot of the rain is below the radar beam, so you may be seeing some even when the radar isn't. Here are the thoughts from the Atlanta NWS office: Here are the radar estimated rainfall totals so far. So more of the same for tomorrow as well. We do start to dry out a little bit on Thursday, but diurnally driven showers and thunderstorms will still be in the picture. We do start to warm up though, so get ready for some heat. These are NWS forecast max temps for the next 7 days. Friday is not showing for whatever reason, but it's pretty much like Thursday. While these are hot, they aren't too abnormally hot for this time of the year. Here's a look at the high/low temp anomalies for the next 7 days. You'll notice the highs are pretty normal, but due to moisture and cloud cover, the lows are above normal. High Temp Anomalies high temp anomaly.mp4 Low Temp Anomalies low temp anomaly.mp4 So more of the same for a few more days. As long as it's cool, I'll take the rain every day. The last thing I want to see is a big Bermuda high parking itself on top of us. Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!
  4. Current winds from the surface to 700 mb
  5. Latest updates. Atlanta bullseye! 🙂 Keep in mind, this is a northward trend so far. This morning looked like this.
  6. Here's a look at the SE radar and you can see the tropical depression swirling over Florida. Also notice the "donut" holes that you see popping up. Those are birds leaving their overnight roost. Pretty cool! td5.mp4
  7. Good morning! Hope everyone had a great July 4th weekend! Welcome to the week of rain! Notice what is showing up on the map this morning! Yes, tracks from the hurricane models showing the potential paths of a tropical depression that is near the Gulf coast this morning. NHC says this: But as the low moves inland, copious amounts of moisture will be advected northward over our area I have two loops, one from the Euro and one from the GFS showing the precipitable water anomalies through Friday morning. Notice the GFS keeps the moisture around longer, but both are showing 2"+ values. Also notice the "blobs" that exceed even that later tonight and tomorrow. Euro GFS These are the actual precipitable water values. Euro GFS The rainfall amounts don't look all that impressive but if you get under one of the storms, you'll think otherwise, as they will be VERY efficient rain producers. Here's a look at the major models and the WPC. Recording #232.mp4 Looking ahead past Tuesday So you can see that the rain doesn't really end, it just tapers back a little bit. That's it for now. I'll be watching the evolution today and will let you know if there is anything to get excited about. 🙂 Otherwise... have a GREAT Monday!
  8. Good morning! Pretty good 4th of July weather yesterday! I know a few people to my NW started off with rain, but for the most part, things cleared up nicely and everyone could get outside and enjoy the festivities. In this water vapor image, you can see the return of the moisture starting today, and by tomorrow we'll be in the soup again. So for the next 24 hours, hit or miss showers and thunderstorms and then things begin to ramp up. Keep in mind that these precipitation forecast from the WPC are "averages". So when you look at this image and see these small amounts, just understand that if you actually get one of the thunderstorms, you WILL get more rain than what you see on the map. Just sayin'.... 😉 And from Monday on, it goes downhill... These images are the WPC rainfall forecast and you can see where they think the heaviest rain will fall. Luckily it's only something that the fish need to worry about, but much of the southeast will get a dousing of rain before it's all said and done. Summer weather is generally boring, sorry, it's hard to make it more interesting. 🙂 Maybe I can stir up a hurricane or something. If you didn't see my time lapse of the fireworks last night, I'll bore you with it here. I took this from the deck using my phone which isn't great at night shots. If you view it on a larger screen you can see all of the fireworks flashes. The camera facing toward Gainesville/Cumming/Milton. After I stopped this video, there was a great fireworks display that appeared to be coming from the Helen area, and that one ended with huge flashes that lit up the entire north Georgia sky! All of this appears further away than it is. And of course the time lapse from yesterday. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!
  9. Thank you @RickyD and everyone else! Hope everyone has a great 4th! 84 degrees here right now
  10. Good morning and Happy Independence Day! Not a lot of weather to talk about on this 4th of July other than the obligatory afternoon and evening thunderstorms. 🙂 The only rain around the southeast this morning was over north Georgia and it was fading when I grabbed these images. But don't worry, you'll see more of those later today. 🙂 7 day precipitation totals are looking like this today. When yesterday looked like this. I expect to see more changes as we move into the week. Otherwise, not a bad 4th of July weekend for weather except for those afternoon and evening thunderstorms and the heat. But hey... it's summertime, what else would you expect? 🙂 I hope everyone has a GREAT and SAFE 4th of July!
  11. Good morning! More summer like weather today and tomorrow as we sit in an area of relatively tranquil weather. The upper low sitting off the east coast, will slowly retrograde and start to build back to the southeast while high pressure builds to our north, and that will bring back higher rain chances starting Monday. Between now and then, we'll have a pretty decent 4th of July weekend in store. As we head into the start of the work week, things begin to get a little wetter for the area. The Weather Prediction Center believes that we'll have this much rainfall between now and next Friday morning. Here's a look at the Euro 500 mb anomalies and you can see that the southeast avoids all of those nasty high pressure areas. In the summer, you don't want one of those parked on top of you if you don't like excessive heat. So here is the official forecast for today and tomorrow. And that's it, short and sweet! No sense in rambling on about nothing! 🙂 I hope you have a great start to the 4th of July weekend!
  12. The clouds and fog are great over the mountains today. Strong NW winds are pushing the clouds down the south facing slopes and drying them out. The winds are smoothing the clouds and fog out. It is certainly better in person. 🙂 BTW, my camera (S7 Samsung) makes things appear much further away than they are. I did a little experiment the other day and found that I had to zoom to 6.3x to make things look the same size on the phone as what I see. This picture is 1.2x. So those mountains out there are closer than they appear even though this is zoomed some. A Sony A6400 with a good telephoto lens is next. 🙂
  13. Good morning to everyone! Man... who turned on the wind? It is really breezy here this morning. In the morning view (300 mb water vapor) you can see a large upper level low (or actually a pair of them) over the NW US and one exiting the east coast. I'll let the NWS do most of the talking this morning. Now if you're bored, I can really spice things up for you by posting this from the Weather Prediction Center. 😛 Nothing like a good weather discussion over the morning coffee to get that blood flowing. 😜 Sounds like something Sheldon would say on "Big Bang Theory" My NWS forecast for the next 7 days, yours is probably similar but you can check it here at DaculaWeather.com Nothing to talk about, so I'll leave this sunrise picture and go. 🙂 Have a great Thursday!
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