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  1. Prayers for your mom, Steve. Drive safely.
  2. Thanks so much for sharing, Sara!
  3. What are your thoughts on this, Steve?
  4. Sleep well, Steve! Hope your mom is doing ok.
  5. When will it be official? The 11pm?
  6. Maybe not from this morning. Thanks for the visual, Steve.
  7. Is it just me, or has the cone of uncertainty gotten much larger?!?
  8. So still edging ever so slightly NW.
  9. Any chance of high winds in ATL area if things pan out to this track?
  10. Hope all goes well with your dad’s surgery.
  11. Oh no! My daughter leaves for Panama City Beach with her church youth group on the 14th! Thanks for the heads up!
  12. Thanks, Steve...now onto the next storm system. Sigh.
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