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  1. Have a great day! I'm glad you have sunshine to celebrate! Thanks for all you do!
  2. Am I correct in thinking that the snow chances have gone "Poof?" Or is this one of those peekaboo situations where it will disappear and then reappear?
  3. I knew this would happen: the potential for snow on Saturday. Because my college kid has to travel home for their break. I sure hope it holds off till Sunday!
  4. That is my motto, too. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. It's just smart.
  5. It was so much fun! We got at least an inch at my house, probably a tad more than that. Now -- with all the wet systems tracking through, the question is: will another coincide with cold?
  6. Speaking as a former midwesterner, I can say that the sky definitely looks like snow!
  7. We survived the Blizzard of 2020... 🤣
  8. I know I should know this -- but is this the kind of thing we want to see? Doesn't it send cold in our direction (to maybe mix with some moisture?)
  9. I just think it is all super interesting!!! If I weren't so mathematically disabled, I might have majored in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences in college. It's neat stuff!
  10. I have been wondering about something. I'm not sure I can articulate it the way it is in my brain, but I'll try to make a sensible question out of it. The past several years, it seems like we would get these long rang forecasts with "all the signals" pointing towards wintery weather. It seemed like many weather people were willing to go out on a limb and feel very confident that we would have exciting winters because of X, Y, and Z - with computer maps and heat blobs in the ocean and displaced blobs in Alaska, etc. etc. My question is -- are those signs and signals no longer reliable? Has something changed about weather/climate/the planet in this 21st century? Weather-wise, does 2 + 2 not equal 4 anymore? If so, I think this would be fascinating to meteorologists everywhere. Big shifts in how weather plays out across the globe. OR -- is it a matter of us having too much technology available for information? Along the same lines as an article I read the other day, about cancers being "over diagnosed" because the machines/scans/tests etc. are so very sensitive that they can detect things that really should not go into making a diagnosis. Could this be happening with weather forecasting also? Are the computer programs so smart that they are TOO smart? Seeing things that they would not have seen 20 years ago? I think it is all really interesting!
  11. Oh good! I'm in the Fun Zone then! Fingers crossed! 😁
  12. When you are optimistically liking "our" chances for some wintery stuff, tell me the general area you are thinking of. Generally speaking, the top half of the state? Or much closer to the northern border? I was looking at the forecast for my area in Cobb County and the lowest we get in that Feb 5 -7 time frame is 39. Is that because these extended forecast numbers are just computer model temperatures and don't yet see what the human experts see as potential? Or is it because my area is just too far south to be in the "Fun Zone?" Thanks!😄
  13. Our school superintendent (coincidentally?) just sent out an emailed reminder of inclement weather protocol. I wonder if it is "just that time of year?" Or if his Super Secret Sources are looking ahead and seeing possibilities? In 2014, I was picking kids up from school at the regular time. I got in the carpool line an hour early (because big school system = long line.) I saw a friend drive up, dash in, and come out with her kids, looking frantic. I thought she was being silly, since school would be dismissed so soon anyway. By the time my kids came out, it was snowing heavily. It had been very warm the day before, but the snow was coming down so fast, it chilled the surfaces, even as the snowflakes melted -- and started to make ice. The school is probably 4 miles from my house. It took THREE HOURS to get home. People started panicking and trying to squeeze through every yellow light, causing gridlock. The bulk of the traffic trouble was due to people ignoring the traffic lights. We couldn't get up the driveway and had to park in a lot near the house. It was an exciting day.
  14. Flurries can be pretty but I'm still hoping for something that makes me run out for bread and milk! Maybe in February! (It would more likely be in early March, according to Murphy's Law as it pertains to weather -- since my college student has a break then, and would have to travel.)
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