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  1. I sure wish we had a big magnet to pull that system into the gulf -- so we could potentially get some rain. If it tracks like Dorian, those poor folks don't need a drop more. We sure do!
  2. I was also thinking about what it was like "back in the old days" when people had to rely on sore joints and old wive's tales to make guesses about the the weather. I'm grateful for all the information we get from you and other mets!
  3. I think that is the nature of -- Nature! I get so annoyed with people who say "oh, they blew the forecast" or "meteorologists are the only professionals who get paid for doing their jobs wrong" etc., etc. I think it is amazing how much they DO know and sometimes, the more bits of info there are, the more complicated it becomes to interpret. I was thinking - after reading some grumpy comments from people (on other forums) who were ticked off that they got storm supplies - I wonder if it would be better to show the cone of uncertainty without the center? Would that keep people from focusing their brains on the idea that this is exactly where the storm will hit? Even with my very limited knowledge, I know that the storm center can go anywhere within that very large cone. Why don't other people get that? And that one teeny little wiggle way far out affects the entire track. I understand that too and that's part of what fascinates me. I can see people being frustrated with trying to evacuate - it's a big deal. But being mad that they bought water and batteries and snacks? I think people should have that stuff on hand anyway - especially if you live in areas likely to be affected by seasonal weather extremes. But maybe it's not so much that people are really unreasonable -- maybe it's more that they are venting the stress of being so on edge with all the uncertainty...
  4. Are there any scenarios with Dorian that would bring some rain to the greater metro Atlanta area? Seems like the tropical systems to our east keep us dry, but gulf systems are the ones that typically give us rain. True?
  5. You can do a separate blog for your travel recommendations! I'm always looking for ideas on good places to stay, things to do, places to eat... Regarding the rain, I intended to get up this morning and work early in the yard. I have a new garden started and I'm working on the dirt. To my surprise, I woke up to find a mud pit with standing water!!!!! It wasn't like that last night, so we must have had some good rain. I won't complain! We still needed it!
  6. Have a great vacation!
  7. This is kind of off topic, but it is fresh in my mind, so I will bring it up. I just read an article about record high temps and ice melt in Alaska. Areas usually frozen and used as roads are cracking and breaking off - melting away. Some people have died in accidents involving thin ice. Does warmth in Alaska translate in any way to different weather patterns for the US? (Specifically next winter?) Or do those kinds of events only affect our weather in the shorter term?
  8. I spoke too soon -- now we have some thunder.
  9. Nothing much is happening where I am. We haven't even hurt a single rumble of thunder. No big winds. Just some rain. So I think that is good news!
  10. Cloudy and sprinkling in NW Cobb. Just looks like a rainy morning -- as of right now.
  11. When will we get the next update on the situation for tomorrow? I haven't seen much anywhere since this morning. I'm hopeful that might mean things have improved? Never mind! I realized I wasn't reading the post with all the latest updates! I found the info...
  12. We were sitting outside and the pollen was falling like snow. We could see little yellow blobs that landed on our skin and clothes. Tiny little balls of yellow powder. My husband had on a black shirt and it was like he had little yellow speckles. That was after sitting outside for only 10 minutes!!!!!
  13. Do you think there is a chance they might close the Ren Fest for that day, given the weather situation? I'd think they wouldn't want their employees and visitors to be in danger. Maybe they will refund your ticket charge, if you pre-purchased?
  14. Glenn Burns mentioned being concerned about a severe set up over the weekend. (Subject to change, of course.) Have you seen that as well? Sure hope it fizzles, but it is that time of year!
  15. WxSouth posted on FB yesterday and mentioned the potential for a significant weather event for the southeast (somewhere in the 7 to 10 day range, I think. I read that when I was half asleep.) Any idea what he is referring to? The southeast is a big place and there are so many kinds of weather that could be "significant." Just hoping no severe stuff.
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