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  1. Hail here too. We were grateful it was only big pea and marble size. It came down like crazy! If it had been larger, cars would have a few little dents! Afterwards, there was a really great rainbow!
  2. I'm kind of assuming this week will have the last frosty/freezy nights for the metro area. Do you agree? I'm thinking about my yard work...
  3. I was 3 months too late in moving here! I sure would have loved the excitement of it all!
  4. I sure hope it fizzles. I have my 19 year old driving back to college on Sunday. From the metro to Macon. I am REALLY hoping all the weather gets downgraded or else comes through early and is gone!
  5. Not to stir the pot or anything, but I heard talk about a pattern flip in early March. Back to wintery cold. Is that anything you've seen or read? (I wouldn't doubt it, since my college student will have to be on the road that week. That's how it usually works.)
  6. My neighbor, who is an older man - born, raised, and never lived anywhere but Georgia - just reminded me that the Blizzard of '93 was in March. You just never know with the weather. I kind of think it would be highly unlikely that I would get a huge snow two years in a row. (We had 8 inches last winter.) But we'll just go along with whatever we get!
  7. We are thinking of going to visit someone in Macon on the 9th. As much as I would like some weather, maybe it can wait till after that weekend. Several days ago, it was looking like low temps hovered around freezing -- but it's looking warmer now. And even warmer down there. But if we go ahead and plan our visit, maybe I can get some weather for the rest of you. Murphy's Law According to Weather...
  8. I wonder what Bastardi will make of things. I always find his videos very interesting - especially those showing the world maps and how things around the globe affect other areas. He was very sure that we had patterns in play to create a wild and wacky winter in the south. Has his outlook changed entirely, due to something unforeseen? Or is this upcoming warm-up expected with more crazy winter to follow? I still feel like this could be a year for an ice storm. It's been 19 years since we had one (where I am.)
  9. Can you translate what that means? A good thing? Or just explaining why our weather is going kaput?
  10. From your lips (or keyboard) to God's ears...
  11. This is still kind of contrary to the overall "vibe" the TV folks are giving off. And they were saying the temps will stay above freezing till nightfall, with wind to dry things off before then. That kind of relaxed attitude makes me a little nervous.
  12. These convective areas are what Firsthand Weather referred to a few days ago when he mentioned a more high impact situation. That's what I was wondering about with the contrast between some forecasts of almost nothing -- vs. so many closing schools. Maybe the NWS was seeing signs of that possibility? I live midway between two schools. In 2014, buses full of kids had to turn around and go back because they couldn't get up the icy slopes in the neighborhood. No one wants a repeat of that year! By the way, I'm going to take credit for any school closings. I was supposed to volunteer tomorrow morning so I just went ahead and got showered and did a few other things in preparation for being gone all morning. Just before I did that, I thought: "If I do all this, they will probably end up canceling school." I had a text within 15 minutes! 🤣
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