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  1. So what's next winter looking like
  2. So how's it looking for the end of next week
  3. You see any winter weather coming
  4. Is it me r does it look like the ridge is getting beat down at the end of next week
  5. Does it look like the ridge is building again
  6. What about this weekend storm
  7. So how's it gonna be looking for us
  8. On his tweet looks like he was talking about this weekend
  9. Is Joe on to something it looks like a close call for north ga
  10. We just came across monteagle an it was snowing a lil bit
  11. So do u think they will relaxs
  12. What is Michael talking about r seeing
  13. You think the ridge will rebuild
  14. What do y'all think February will be like I've seen ppl saying its gonna be cold an seen others saying its gonna be hot
  15. Where can I view the Euro models an the ensemble at
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