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  1. Well now we know the secret, send you shopping and we will get snow
  2. Just got my winter watch. It is saying starting Monday Night and up to 2 inches...why Monday night. I though the cold was coming Tuesday??
  3. I just remember Dec 2017. I planned for rain with a spit of snow....nothing going to stick. Next week and Dec 2017 probably 2 totally different situations, but I am hesitant to think that we are or are not going to get something. I worry about the rain not having time to dry and then icing on the roads later in the day. I worry that what ever the salt trucks put on the roads will get washed away with that rain. So I am going to exercise on the side of caution but plan on nothing and be excited if we get something. :)
  4. I lived in Clearwater Florida at the time of the Storm of the Century. The flooding was unreal, In places that had never flooded before. Also the lightening was crazy, my Dad owned some stores in a strip mall, lightening struck the building caught it on fire and then the flood waters came in and the fire fighters had to retreat. Vivid memories of that storm. I am not trained in weather predictions, so take this as an opinion only.... we are due for something like that storm. Not that it is this year, but just a reminder to us from Mother nature of who's boss:).
  5. Every major storm Georgia’s had that I remember it was 60’s or 70’s the day before....example snowmageddon. Just the nature of ga weather in my non weather knowledgeable opinion🙂
  6. I loved this. I had my son watch it this morning. But even more I thought it was great for some of us hard headed adults😁
  7. Unrelated to the upcoming storm but related to snow. I'm in Canton Cumming area and is it frost or a very very thin line of snow on the ground this morning that I am seeing? At first I though it was frost but when I got closer to look at I am pretty sure it is snow. Call me crazy.
  8. Iv been watching the App and that is crazy. Snow every day in Georgia
  9. Being outside this morning....It just looks and feels like it is going to snow...just sayin
  10. Just curios, what was underestimation in the snow storm we got December 8th 2017? you know the one that was going to be a dusting of snow mixed of rain but then turned out to be 7 inches to a foot of straight snow in some areas.
  11. Not dismissing the experts, BUT if I remember correctly we were only supposed to get a dusting and those areas forecasted to get "a dusting that will not stick" like in Cherokee and Cobb Counties got from 7 inches to a foot. roller coaster to watch either way:).
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