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  1. gimme gimme! I’m already prepping to build a fire in my fireplace next week!
  2. Gosh, my heart breaks for the Bahamas, they JUST got walloped by Dorian😢 Hopefully, it’s just a brief rainmaker for them.
  3. It def got a LITTLE crazy there for a minute. My eldest woke and ran in bed with us... few strong claps of lightning, now just insanely heavy rain!
  4. Morning Steve. Riding out the heaviest it’s been all evening, praying my kiddos stay asleep haha. Definitely some heavy rain going on in Dallas!
  5. I’ll be watching closely here in Dallas, each time I’ve seen maps and projections there’s an ugly storm very close to my area. Makes a girl nervous. I’ll be expecting my kiddos running into my bed before sunrise.
  6. Looking ominous in dallas, praying it weakens some....
  7. Following closely. Steve, I’ve noticed that other than the city limits of Dallas itself, there’s MANY in my area that do NOT hear tornado/warning sirens even when they are tested. Who would you suggest contacting or what dept is in charge of that? Public safety? I’m literally JUST OUTSIDE city limits and hear nothing. Could potentially be very dangerous for those who don’t have access to cell phone alerts or if power goes out.
  8. Welp, we’ll be watching here in Paulding county. hubby will be in Rome and Cedartown most of the day. Maybe I should make a space for the cars in my garage.
  9. I have work in Jackson Saturday night, driving back late(11p or later) and then to Fayetteville at 10 the next morning. Hyper concerned about my drive as well as my family here in Dallas as west GA usually bears the brunt of severe weather when it first crosses into the state.... 😰
  10. Steve, how are you feeling about the severe weather risk for this weekend? Worse or about the Same as this past weekend?
  11. just sitting here, creeping these updates... can someone call Elsa and make this happen? Someone has to be in good with her... 👀👀👀
  12. Hubby is just north of Cleveland TN and driving through lots of sleet !
  13. Ill be interested to see how the 00z looks... #showmeatrend!
  14. Whattttt is THAT?!?! 👀👀👀👀👀 hello 18z.
  15. Some cut the GFS off.. it’s had more than enough! 🤪🤪🤪
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