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  1. Right, it would be wild to go from tornadoes to snow.
  2. Will you look at that! We saw a little sleet and snow earlier today. https://www.facebook.com/183144841760974/posts/2453718324703603/
  3. I feel like knowing Georgia weather, I wouldn't be surprised if some of us see some last minute flurries right when it's supposed to be warming up. Lol bipolar a** weather 😂
  4. 12z Fv3 really drops the hammer... I can't trust it though as it always seems kinda bullish.
  5. Seems like Mr. General Beauregard Lee won't be seeing his shadow... Coincidence?🤔🤣
  6. Previous February outlooks were colder. I wonder what changed?... Cold can't last forever especially when it hasn't been all that cold to begin with. We'll be lucky enough to just see avg temps. It'll probably only get back really colder than avg come March as we seem to see one last good cold snap right before spring finally establishes for good. (Long range tend to be colder than actuality.) I'm not complaining though, we had our perfect cold and wasted it. So why not shake things up?
  7. GFS hinting at the idea as well. The wedge has yet to perform well for us though.
  8. Fv3 GFS has an insane ice storm! Good thing it's the Fv3. 😂
  9. Buckle up guys and gals! Who's ready for the next ride?
  10. December if even then 🙃 Maybe sometime next year. #2020 👀
  11. It probably doesn't help that the timing is during the day. I know I used to joke about daytime snow in Georgia is like seeing a unicorn and Bigfoot together.
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