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  1. I’m supposed to take my kids from Paulding up to Canton for a weekly gaming group tonight. We’re usually there from 6-9pm or so. With the latest info, should I have any concerns about the drive home?
  2. Odds look 50/50 at best for me here in SE Paulding County. What is they say you should do? Wear your pajamas inside out and backwards and flush ice cubes down the toilet? If it works, I'll do it! πŸ˜‚
  3. I'm about 15 minutes south of you, near 92 and Brownsville Rd. Wild wind, heavy rain, and a power flicker, but ours stayed on, thankfully. I took a short video of the wind blowing sheets of pouring rain down the street. I thought it was hailing for a moment, but it was just heavy, heavy rain.
  4. Sort of off topic here, I homeschool my 4th and 6th grade daughters. After last year's 10" of snow, they expect that to be the norm here now. πŸ˜‚ I've been sharing what I read here each morning. While I can follow the general gist of things, thanks to the chit chat, I'd love to understand the graphics and terminology a little better. Is there a good beginner's book (or other media) anyone would recommend to get the basics down? My 6th grader is an Aspie (the reason we started homeschooling) and she loves to understand the hows and whys of everything. I'd love to be able to explain the sci
  5. This is a full week out, and still I find myself still checking this thread obsessively.
  6. I'm going to pop on Amazon and order a couple of sleds for the kids. Ya know. Just in case.
  7. I'm in SE Paulding county, in the corner where Paulding, Cobb, and Douglas come together. We're getting a little bit of light rain right now mixed with sleet. You can hear the tinkle of it on the leaves. I was watching the tiny bits of ice land and then melt on my sleeve.
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