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  1. Im on the Woodstock/Acworth line.
  2. I hate having so many trees around. My weather station doesnt get a good wind reading but our dogwood was leaning over from it!
  3. Dude. There is some serious wind on the back edge of this rain. Holy cow! Our power flickered several times and we NEVER have power issues where im at!
  4. Anybody else see this fear mongering?
  5. This stuff will be through my area before 2 i believe. Im in woodstock.
  6. I was thinking that same thing. I may have no clue what im talking about but hrrr and nam 3km both looked like that line would start to weaken slightly when it hit GA. Please someone who knows more than me, correct me if im wrong. Im still trying to learn. Lol
  7. Where did you find this? Thats incredible!
  8. I have never seen signatures that bad before and they are chasing each other. This is insane!
  9. What about the temp staying lower and the lack of sunshine?
  10. This isnt related to this topic but anybody know what is causing this on rardarscope on reflectivity? At first i thought it was clutter but it appears on every other radar site nearby.
  11. Hey Steve, This may be a question for the educational topic but what exactly are these anomalies we are looking at and how do they work?
  12. Mping right next to me showing snow, radar showing snow here, but nothing yet. Im on the acworth/woodstock line.
  13. True. Im on the acworth/woodstock line and it dies between paulding county/cobb line and here.
  14. Listen to Cherokee County Scanner, there are trees down all over the western side of the county.
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