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  1. Given sever weather season is starting to ramp up, i felt this was appropriate to share. Just ignore the midwest part. Lol
  2. Its snowing in marietta. Its just flurries but still. Not showing up on radar either.
  3. I setup my signature but its not coming up on my replies. Is that normal?
  4. Let me start off by saying i didnt want anything too bad but i was kinda looking forward to keeping track of bad weather with my new arsenal of weather toys today. Looks like i'll have to wait a little longer.
  5. Awesome! Thanks you! Im getting excited about storm season. Still holding out hope for a good snow first though.
  6. I thought it might be a good idea to have a place where us "newbies" can ask questions about weather stuff in general. With that said, I've been tracking a few cells in Mississippi. Would it be safe to assume that the little blue ball on the correlation coefficient a debris ball? Its traveled the same path as the area of rotation. If I'm way off, please explain so I can get a better grasp.
  7. Does yours log 0 readings for everything at midnight everyday? Thats the only issue i have with mine. I have to go in everyday and delete that time so i doesnt throw my graphs off. Wierd thing is, the zero reading dont show up on wunderground's charts, only ambient weather's.
  8. Thats what ive got and so far i love it!!!!
  9. Right now im in downtown acworth. I live in woodstock and work all over cobb county.
  10. Ive got the opposite. Sleet and snow thats not on radar.
  11. Or we could be nervous the snow will get shy and run off if we talk about it. Dont wanna jinx us!
  12. I like our chances! Lol. May the odds be forever in your favor! Lol
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