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  1. Well that is gonna be real fun when they put on online in March...
  2. So does the FV3 see rain as snow......
  3. Steve can you tell me if there is going to be some dry time on Monday. Want to play golf but it looks like another rainy day.
  4. I told you it was on crack....I have no trust in it since the epic fail. Like I said I will believe when I see it falling from the sky.
  5. Not sure I buy any of this until I see it coming down.
  6. So Steve do you believe that there will be a cool down middle to end of next week?
  7. With this image I see a 540 line that is not even in GA except barely. I do see some CAD taking place but I am just not seeing this one either. GFS does not even come close to this. I actually looks weird to me when you look at the time frames before this one. So nope not buying it. Surprise me mother nature.
  8. This winter has proven to most that even when it is a day away it can just go poof....I am not buying any future models at this point in the game. I would have settled for a small period of snow showers but when it is this close and still nothing you just can not believe anything. I will continue to watch but I just can not get excited after the misses we have had this winter. About the only thing that seems to be able to be predicted with confidence is rain...
  9. Well I guess all the moisture is gone now that our temps seem to coming down....I am now at 40 in Lithonia.
  10. Also, they said that temps are warming over ATL which could mean front is moving slower. What would this mean?
  11. Well at least someone is seeing something....my big concern is the freezing of liquid after this....what at your thoughts on that Steve and when should they really start falling time wise.
  12. Well nothing like getting on the road and your boss decides to close office down...for what not sure.
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