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  1. Can you explain why watching these winds.
  2. Happy Birthday Steve....Have a fabulous day! Thanks for always answering my weather questions.
  3. When I left home in Bogart it was 43/88%. It is raining here at work in Lithonia and temp was the same not sure about humidity.
  4. The meeting is over by 4 so I would be getting home about 7.
  5. Yes I am trying to decide if I ride with someone or drive in case things do get worse than expected and I can leave earlier.
  6. good early morning...I have a meeting in Marietta today live in Bogart. Do you think I will be impacted later today. Just hate being on roads with crazy drivers.
  7. Hey it is a start and who knows it just might be a surprise of more rather than less....fingers crossed. Athens area saw some flurries this morning so I figured that that might be a good sign for tomorrow.
  8. So do you have the ensembles for that time frame Feb 8th? I have watched and every storm looks good as you say far out but dang if they just go poof every time. So not getting my hopes up either however, this has been showing up in different degrees for quiet a few days. It is the weather rerun but something to watch. It does look like the cold may finally move down into the US from Canada.
  9. Well that is gonna be real fun when they put on online in March...
  10. Steve can you tell me if there is going to be some dry time on Monday. Want to play golf but it looks like another rainy day.
  11. I told you it was on crack....I have no trust in it since the epic fail. Like I said I will believe when I see it falling from the sky.
  12. Not sure I buy any of this until I see it coming down.
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