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  1. Happy Birthday Steve! Hope it's the best one yet!
  2. That's my plan. I've been looking every day since you shared that one.
  3. Thank you Steve! Appreciate the info you share with us!!
  4. Thank you Steve. I didn't know that was available. And, as I already said, I do read everything and try to understand it myself before asking. Sorry. I will try harder.
  5. So I promise I read everything and try to understand it before asking questions. But I haven't seen anything that answers my question yet. Is Sunday (at this point) expected to be a complete washout or will there be times during the day when it's less likely to be storming?
  6. We'll be paying attention. Thank you Steve. Appreciate you always keeping us updated!!
  7. I'm still here too and read each day. I appreciate what you do. You can predict the weather but you sure can't control it and anyone who expects otherwise has an even lesser understanding of the weather than I do! And that's say something! LOL!! And don't let my son give you grief about the day of the week. He's always correcting me too!
  8. We'll be ok. We need to pay attention to it but not obsess about it.
  9. Thanks Steve. I know we tease you a lot but we know you truly have no control over it! We can all participate in a little wishful thinking but you're still the one I trust the most! I appreciate you putting up with our endless questions and I also appreciate that you keep it real here!
  10. I'm in Dawsonville and have an appointment in Gainesville with my new pulmonologist on Tuesday afternoon. If I don't get to see him, I go without my weekly infusions for a while. I'd say that is super important!
  11. I'm not a real teacher......just a sub (and in Dawson, not Gwinnett). But I love learning about weather too and appreciate that you sometimes use words even a weather geek wannabe like me can understand!
  12. So no hope for Dawson anymore. It's all good Steve. You told us from the beginning this one would be hard to track and predict with any confidence. Still following you. I trust your forecasts more than anyone else's.
  13. So please forgive me for asking what probably sounds like a dumb question to most of you who are more weather educated than I am. I am asking because the answer usually depends on who you're talking to but I trust NorthGeorgiaWX. When you are referring to NE Ga, where would the "line" be as far as which counties are included in that. Asking from Dawson County!
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