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  1. Just out of curiosity- which model was the most accurate for the last snow “storm” we had 10 days ago?
  2. Athens is getting HAMMERED!! And the temp is dropping!
  3. I know everyone on here is crazy busy trying to get an idea of what’s coming our way- so forgive me for being a newbie to the weather world. Can someone give me an explanation of “wetbulb”? I’m from Athens and it seems multiple times in the past when winter weather was expected, we lose all hope as soon as the event begins to unfold and often times the term “wetbulb” is attached to the bad news. Is there a specific number or equation to figure out what and when this “wetbulb” comes into play? I’m counting on nothing more than a cold rain here for this event- but the inner child is secretly going to be watching all weekend for a glimmer of hope of something other than rain! Thanks for all you do!
  4. Any idea if Athens is going to get in on this party? I know we are difficult to predict (something ab a no-mans land when it comes to radar) and it’s several days out- but just curious if we are even in the “possibility” range with this event. Basically- should I be getting excited at all?! Thanks for all you do and the evolving coverage- you’re awesome!!
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