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  1. Nope. I have it uploading to WU, ambient, weathercloud, pws. No issue.
  2. I have it. Replaced my acurite 5-in-1. Best thing I did.
  3. Anytime you can use “motherlode” in a sentence it must be good.
  4. I didn’t feel it but something rattled at that time. A8186A27-05EA-43FB-9990-9FE64CFA7780.MP4
  5. Looks like Woodstock, north and east are in it.
  6. NAM 84 hrs out. I zoomed in. Still far out it’s Saturday night so it will change. I hope.
  7. The 18z NAM is showing a lot of freezing rain! 😭
  8. The 2 things I dislike, tornados and freezing rain! I’ll take no %, thank you.
  9. Watching the rather large swath of freezing rain % starting to come our way 😬
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