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  1. Excellent I need the round 2.
  2. Steve are we looking at another round of storms later? These i believe gotta be it. Its too cold for more.
  3. I just wanna say that these post comfort me in some way now that the anxiety from the virus is all around us. So keep doing what you do and thank you.
  4. Steve im seriously doubting anything for ball ground right? looking good on 3/1 though but thats just a dream lol.
  5. looks like a lake this morning
  6. Ballground. Thanks for all you do Steve.
  7. So I hear glen burns whispering about the 1st through the 14th to have below average temps and above average precip. Is that just a blanket statement cause I bet that time period for Georgia is the best time for the s word.
  8. Just to be clear you said 8-9" possible on Tuesday next week for Blairsville? what about Cherokee county?
  9. Steve is there a discussion about possible cyclone 16 on here? also one could only hope for another Opal but not hurt anyone.
  10. i know October is really dry and i know extended forecasts are normally wrong but COME ON! I need some rain for my sanity.
  11. Sunday 9/22 looks crazy but i know its far out.
  12. WOW! thank you! my time was all off. super cool. thanks again. you were my go to guy for snow for the longest now i check your blog everyday. keep it up!
  13. sweet. even being half asleep i knew that did not sound right. thought it was a dream! thanks for the detective work! im a bit north of that storm so it could have been earlier. im near the mall of georgia.
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