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  1. Im starting to think we are tracking rain like we do snow. Its rare.🙄
  2. I have been looking for something like mPING for ages. when i went to a skywarn spotter class i was so surprised they did not have something like this.
  3. This was taken in Buford at 12. Steve is that a funnel cloud?
  4. Driving to ballground at around 1 today
  5. Think I heard something about hail on Saturday for Buford? That would be fun.
  6. just wanna say thank you for your daily updates even if the weather is not interesting.
  7. I'm ready to see some afternoon and evening thunderstorms. It wouldn't feel like Georgia otherwise. 🙂 YOU ARE TELLING ME MAN. IM WAITING.
  8. Thanks thats a bit pricey but i will look.
  9. Storm radar on the iphone. but the desktop one i use ishttps://www.wunderground.com/wundermap mainly i wanna know if i can find that rotation map on an app.
  10. Steve where can i find the specific radar that shows the rotation in a cell?
  11. Tornado warning at the mall of Georgia
  12. I know its a long shot and I know its mainly afternoon but is there a timing for buford? super excited to see some good action.
  13. Morning steve! for the longest time I guess I never looked up the actual name for the fear of thunderstorms, but when I saw it I wish I knew along time ago because as a kid in the 90's storms in marietta were terrorizing. but fears can become passions as mine is weather. too bad i cant make a job out of it... keep up the good work.
  14. on a side note look at the map of the US. only rain in Montana
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