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  1. can i buy your house when you are done with it? lol
  2. ballground got a heavy lightning storm last night around 1am. i swear the radar looked like a hook echo near jasper. maybe im wrong.
  3. is there a timing for the "second wave". I think its too cold to do anything to be honest and just the gut feeling.
  4. That is the key. most videos are dudes freaking out and ruining the video. his stuff was the first time i heard a tornado in a video. i wannna hang out with him so bad lol.
  5. I love Pecos Hank's work, been following him for awhile.
  6. Why did I get a tornado warning for Ballground but now it says it’s moved
  7. Low long thunder then the rain stoped for a min. Talk about ominous. Out here on a mountain in Ballground. Waiting.
  8. Is the timing still sunday night into monday?
  9. I grew up trembling whenever I heard thunder. Fearing any storm coming. Now I look to them with respect and wonder and to be honest I’m excited when I hear thunder cause I know I am in store for something that I love so deeply to come over to my house and I’m ok with what it does cause I know at the end of the day you can’t control it. I suffer from extreme health anxiety and overall depression but when it comes to weather it makes me feel so good that a storm is coming so I can study and enjoy it.
  10. funny you should say a trailer cause im in one on a mountain, however it it up against a dirt wall so wind does not catch it on one side and last time i checked tornadoes dont like mountains with trees.
  11. Steve is that Saturday going into Sunday morning? also on a similar topic, what could i do to predict weather with no computers or gages. just curious cause if i lost internet how could we tell this was coming?
  12. Excellent I need the round 2.
  13. Steve are we looking at another round of storms later? These i believe gotta be it. Its too cold for more.
  14. I just wanna say that these post comfort me in some way now that the anxiety from the virus is all around us. So keep doing what you do and thank you.
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