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  1. I was expecting the 12z to be a one time thing, but the 18z came back even bigger. I can’t lie and say it doesn’t give me a small chance of hope even though I know it will be gone by tomorrow.
  2. 12z run of the GFS is crazy. I won’t be surprised if we don’t get any snow at all this winter, but a scenario like that would be awesome.
  3. How well do the euro and gfs perform in short ranges like this? The euro has about 4 inches on me, while the gfs has only 1. This is a big difference considering we are this close to the onset of precip.
  4. I am supposed to be going to a concert on Wednesday of next week, so if it’s going to happen it will most likely happen then! It is the only day I don’t want it to snow on, but don’t get me wrong, I’d still enjoy it.
  5. I know we technically aren’t supposed to look at the operational models this far out, but I can’t help myself when it looks like this.
  6. Snow showers here in Hiawassee. It is even beginning to turn roofs and the ground white in places.
  7. When I said I wanted winter weather, below zero temperatures is definitely not what I meant. I am supposed to be heading out of town on Jan. 30 and according to the GFS it is going to be -11 here in the mountains that morning. I know it is still far out, but it is still crazy that the potential for that much cold is showing on both models. It it would be very dangerous if that ends up being true.
  8. False alarm. I came across an app that was called NOAA Weather Radar, but after checking into it I realized only the radar is actually from NOAA, not the actual forecasts in the app. I got excited thinking they had finally made their own.
  9. How reliable are the forecasts in the NOAA weather app?
  10. How are the latest ensembles looking for Blairsville?
  11. That makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.
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