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  1. Well after the warm nose punched north last night we ended as a long period of heavy sleet, freezing rain, and rain. So in the end we ended up with 3-4 inches of a crunchy sleet filled snow, in a highly localized event it seems with large differences in accumulations over very short distances. Tons of trees down throughout the county. NWS calling for between .5 - 1 inch of snow tonight so we’ll see how that goes, or if they’ll even keep it in the forecast in the afternoon package. 

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  2. Definitely coming down good here right now, still mixed with sleet at times but the rates are impressive nonetheless. East wind has finally kicked in, only at around 15 albeit, but the few points immediately responded to the fresh burst of dry air and the temperature followed. 32.1 now and looking like we may finally go below freezing today.

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  3. Went outside for the first time and a lot of what I thought was rain earlier was sleet. We may have nearly an inch of sleet on top of the partially melted snow from earlier today. Still mixing Snow and sleet now, hoping as the heaviest returns move in in the coming hours it will flip all snow for a few hours at least. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Preston said:

    At 6:30pm, a steady rain is now falling in Sky Valley. It is melting a lot of what had already fallen. It is currently 33.3 degrees, my elevation is 3,400’

    Anything changing up that way yet? Snow line crashing over in S.C. but no change here yet despite the radar saying snow still.

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