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  1. 6 minutes ago, Selena said:

    I’m really confused why Habersham County isn’t the latest weather service post on Facebook? Rabun county isn’t on it either 

    it is the weather service for peach tree city 


    No, us counties along the SC border are covered by NWS in Greenville-Spartunburg. So Rabun, Habersham, Stephens, etc.

  2. 1 hour ago, SlicNic13 said:


    Not trying to jump ahead, I know, one storm at a time but has anyone else noticed this on the next system? It has also progressively started showing a chance for some wintry conditions possible for N. GA. 

    Looks like a backside event, those typically don’t work out case the backside drys out too fast with that kind of cold behind it. But can put a little bit out in NWGA and flurries for most. But that’s way too far ahead for even a little bit of speculation.

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  3. 14 minutes ago, WILL said:

    How about Atlanta?

    Taking that run verbatim its definitely showing temps between 33-31 in the metro so there would likely be pockets of freezing rain, better chances the further north and east you go. It's important now to just wait and see if the model keeps showing this as we get closer cause things can easily trend back the other way.

  4. The NAM definitely peaks my interest, but am trying to keep my expectations down until I see it on the NAM inside 48-60 hours. As much as I hate to see areas south of me like Hall, and Gwinnett counties get hit hard with ice, that is a classic look for how winter storms often work out around here. I usually hold the rule of thumb that if Hall county is supposed to get a big ice storm, then here in Rabun we will typically stay mainly snow throughout with a little bit of sleet and zr mixing in at the height of the warm air advection. I wish we could all score a big hit, but selfishly with these ridiculous qpf totals I’m hoping for this scenario if not colder as it could deliver one of the biggest snows in my lifetime. Good luck everyone, stay safe.

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  5. I lost your page in facebooks algorithms apparently since last winter cause I hadn’t seen any of your posts, but needless to say this storm got me searching for you. Anyway living in Rabun County, this one is starting to excite me as not only have the OPs upped totals but so to have the ensembles. Euro is to near 80% for over 6 inches now! I know we may see some sleet mix in but hoping that the CAD is under modeled enough to that we won’t see any freezing rain here. Anyway glad to have found your page again and look forward to following along with tracking this one.

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