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  1. Thank you for giving some info about it. I just figured with everything coming to a stop, we would be better off. I am just wanting a snowy winter next year!
  2. I haven't been on in a while, so if this has been covered, please let me know. With the drastic drop in carbon emissions since this all has started, wouldn't that have a drastic effect on the climate? From my knowledge (which isn't a lot) there has never been a dramatic stoppage cars, aircraft, ships, factories....etc at one time. This has got to be unprecedented data that they are gathering. I really think in a weird way, the earth has had enough with us messing it up and its taking back control by fixing itself. I would love to know where this data would be and what it meant. Sorry, this has been on my mind and I figured someone one here might know. Thanks!
  3. A little further south to Cherco please!
  4. Has anyone every checked out this site before? It is gives mountain forecasts. https://www.mountain-forecast.com/peaks/Springer-Mountain/forecasts/1153
  5. It is now coming down in a pretty good clip in Acworth. Big PHAT flakes!
  6. Nothing here in Acworth by the lake. 32.4
  7. Light snow in Acworth by Allatoona. Not much, but better than nothing.
  8. I think they were just trying to get out of the game. We play in rain as long as it isn't storming. Oh well, that is spring sports for ya!
  9. They have turf, but who knows what else is going to run on through tonight.
  10. We had our soccer game cancelled tonight at Gilmer Co. I think it may have been called a little too early.
  11. I saw it just now. Crazy thing is it is going to be 70 degrees tomorrow. 😞
  12. Is that Ice/sleet or large amounts of snow?
  13. How do you find this map? I can see the GFS, but can't seem to find this one.
  14. I grew up in FL, so I love any chance of snow, even a dusting is exciting to me. Happy early 21st!
  15. Especially if it snows on the Friday before, this could be a few days off of school.
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