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  1. Good thing I was already awake for work this morning. :) I'm hoping things will settle a bit before I take off for town, but I'm pretty sure I heard a few hailstones smacking down during that storm. Gonna be an interesting weekend.
  2. Ah. Sorry, missed that one. Usually there's something on the NWS site itself but it seems I missed that as well. 😳
  3. If you happen to have a SAME-equipped weather radio, here is a handy link for finding the one that services your particular area. Georgia's NOAA Weather Radio Network Note: At the time of this post WXJ53 out of Cleveland is offline, I assume for technical reasons. It was while trying to figure out what's going on with it that I found this page and thought of this thread.
  4. Lumpkin County appears to have been spared anything severe thus far...we had a lot of thunder earlier and now a lot of pouring rain but that's all. Crossing my fingers that it will move on soon. I don't relish the idea of doing my Friday errands in the middle of a monsoon.
  5. Hmm...if it holds together, I guess that means I can look forward to being blasted awake by a thunderstorm watch later in the night. :P
  6. I don't mind a plain old "garden variety" thunderstorm in the night, truth be told. Depending on what I'm reading, it makes for great atmosphere!
  7. Starting this topic because well, I'm curious. And I thought it would help us all to learn more. Often I see or hear phrases used by meteorologists that aren't entirely clear to me. For example, "brief spin-up tornado" is getting a lot of use these days, as one would expect during springtime. But what does it mean? I am guessing it simply means a weak, brief tornado but wanted to be sure.
  8. I believe the worst of it is done. The rain has stopped, and it's noticeably cooler outside.
  9. I can believe it! I'll glance outside once, it's sunny, then a short time later it's pouring again!
  10. We just picked up a flash flood warning until after midnight, in Lumpkin and Dawson counties. And the rain has been blowing sideways here!
  11. A severe thunderstorm watch was just issued for my area until 10 PM. And yes, looks like we have some re-development going on...
  12. Thunderstorm warning in eastern Lumpkin county. However, I'm on the west side of the county and the storm in question has already passed us by. I even see Mr. Sun peeking through.
  13. And here comes the thunder, lol. Do you suppose God is reading this board?
  14. Same here in Lumpkin County...just a nice rainy morning, thus far. Getting ready to settle in with my library books and enjoy it!
  15. Seriously? Good heavens, folks, it's just springtime in Georgia, not the zombie apocalypse. And yes, you are exactly right, staying close to shelter is your best bet. The last thing you want to do in severe weather is get on the road.
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