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  1. *Puts on her raincoat and quacks off to work*
  2. I was noodling around looking for lightning maps and found this link. Rather impressive, probably more useful when severe storm season kicks in. Anyone acquainted with it? https://www.iweathernet.com/lightning/latest-lightning-strikes-on-google-maps
  3. LOL! That sounds like some former co-workers of mine...if the power went out they'd start shouting "Can we go home?" before the lights were completely out. No thunder or lightning yet here in western Lumpkin county, just periodic Biblical downpours. We'll see what the rest of the day brings...
  4. Well, thank goodness that severe weather is gone. Now we can get down to real business...theorycrafting when the first Snow Panic of the season will hit!
  5. There seems to be a smaller, weaker line forming behind the first...
  6. High Wind Warning just issued for my area. That's something you don't see every day... 😲
  7. It's 65 here in western Lumpkin county, and for January that's just not normal. However, I'm just going about enjoying my weekend and keeping an eye out. Not much more you can do.
  8. Well, that puts me in the "slight" area. But it's already about 65 degrees out my way, it feels stormy.
  9. I'm so glad I've got this page to come to in order to get the real scoop. I'm noticing more and more colorful charts (and colorful descriptions) of the weekend system in my social media feed. Don't these TV stations realize they can warn us to be alert without getting all dramatic about it?
  10. I stocked up on a few extra batteries yesterday (something I should be doing regardless of the weather), and am thankful I have no plans for this weekend. I can enjoy rain a lot better when I don't have to be out in it.
  11. Did you see the Night King when you were checking the temps this morning? 😉
  12. What are your thoughts on the weekend's weather system, Steve? I see the local TV stations are already hyping it up...I guess in absence of wintry precipitation they'll dramatize rain to the hilt...lol
  13. Wow. for a moment I thought that was a picture taken in a desert environment. Such a sad and scary situation down there. I wish we could somehow send our heavy rain down to them. I'm not too thrilled about returning to work in a downpour...
  14. I just want it to be cold on Wednesday because that's Ugly Christmas Sweater day at work and I don't want to cook all day.
  15. That tends to be about six hours before the weather system in question moves in, from what I've observed.
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