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  1. I'll try to win the lottery (only way I could afford to live in Big Canoe which if I recall is a gated community) and move next door so I can have the latest weather info!
  2. We had a rather impressive storm about an hour ago...pea-sized hail, persistent thunder, hammering rain. And one wet and highly distressed cat.
  3. Seems we have a thunderstorm watch until 1 AM, let's hope not.
  4. weather radio goes off, nearly flies out of her chair Well. Tornado watch for my area, until 10 PM. Wasn't expecting that.
  5. I love how they say the warm front will "attempt" to lift northward, like it's off somewhere rubbing its palms together and going "MUHAHAHAHA".
  6. A rainy and maybe-sometimes-thundery night, and a nice fat book to read (The Stand, because the only thing more entertaining than living through a pandemic is reading about one). Sounds like a good night to me. :)
  7. Yeah, fiber's probably the last thing you need to take during scary weather moments...
  8. It sure doesn't feel stormy here in western Lumpkin county, but it does feel rainy. Temps are in the 40's and overcast. I know, that's not very scientific. But I remember the hot, overcast stillness on the morning of the Palm Sunday outbreak of '94 and tend to use that as a reference.
  9. Some enterprising soul calling himself an "extreme meteorologist" is on FB hyping this new system up. I'm glad I've got a reliable source to go to!
  10. Gonna grab some Z's while I can', y'all stay safe!
  11. Quiet enough in western Lumpkin County at the moment...just rain, and I'm starting to see fog. Temp is 55-ish which seems cool.
  12. Well, everybody needs to believe in something...and I believe I'll grab a nap while I can. Something tells me this is gonna be a sleepless night...
  13. "Virtual activation" sounds better than chasing a storm in a vehicle.
  14. Wow. Just wow. Are those colors normal?
  15. That red is creeping closer and closer. Do not like, preciousss...
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