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  1. Oh, I have no intention of taking up chasing, to me that's utter insanity. But I imagine I can still learn a lot from it.
  2. Boy, Steve, I picked a hell of a time to watch the webinar on storm spotting you recommended yesterday...LOL
  3. According to the TV weatherman, we're to get another round tonight. You're right, though; it seems too chilly.
  4. Just heard a rumble of thunder here in western Lumpkin county. I guess the good news is that many of us are already safely at home...
  5. Glad to hear the pollen count will be low...I suffer from seasonal allergies and every time I sneeze people give me the hairy eyeball.
  6. Looks to be a fun day. Our library is currently in the process of moving from its old building to a new one about a block from the town's tornado siren. There's no way we could miss hearing it, so I guess that's a comfort.
  7. I would almost rather see a significant winter storm (not a full-tilt blizzard, they're scary and dangerous) than another week of pounding rain and storms. But "you can't always get what you want"... 😉
  8. Happy birthday!!! Go enjoy a relatively quiet weather day (while you can, muhahahaha)!
  9. We definitely have sleet and freezing rain here in western Lumpkin county despite my thermometer's obsession with 40 degrees. You can hear its distinctive fall, the porch is icing up, and the trash can can just sit out there today and tonight. And the cat vociferously disapproves.
  10. It's right against the house, so it will always show warmer. The glaze on the back deck tells me the truer tale. 😉
  11. I'm in western Lumpkin county. Out the window I see a little bit of snow mixing in with the rain which I suspect is starting to freeze. I can see a glaze building up on my back deck though the thermometer still stands at 40 on the porch.
  12. Looks like a lot of precip, frozen or otherwise. Ugh. I'm off to the local Palace of Earthly Delights for chili fixings...hopefully I won't get caught in a bread and milk stampede.
  13. Good grief. Lumpkin county's schools are closed tomorrow, and nothing is even falling out of the sky (yet).
  14. Guess we'll have to hang our hopes on that fellow with the "blizzard" forecast, eh?
  15. I'm assuming by now most of you have seen the rumors circulating about some enterprising soul forecasting a 1993-level "blizzard" on social media. I wanted to compare notes without muddying one of the regular weather threads, so hopefully I've chosen the right forum. First of all, the Superstorm of '93 was not fun; it was scary and dangerous. The internet was still pretty primitive then, so the first warnings we had were actually from Atlanta meteorologists. But by that point we were already seeing other warning signs; I can remember being out for a drive a day or two previous to the storm and seeing nearly every type of wildlife native to this area out either feeding or gathering. Deer, squirrels, groundhogs, and birds without number...they knew what was coming. Most people who live for any time in the country know you should be prepped year-round, 24/7, because you just never know. Sometimes a breeze on a sunny, 82 degree day can knock down a tree and take your power lines with it. You should always be ready. I don't recall bread, milk, and toilet paper getting wiped out (pun totally intended) in Dahlonega's lone grocery store in the days before the storm, or panicky rumors flying around. No "social media" in those days. But what if there had been? Would people have been better prepared? Personally I think it would have been about the same, complacency is a very old human trait. What do you think?
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